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    New Transaxle Option?

    The new 2020 rear engine Vette looks to have a new transaxle option. Its a ways off but should be designed to handle 500+BHP. Tremec, paddle shift only Oh, did we not mention the transaxle? (Note that we used the singular form of the word.) There will be only one gearbox, and it won’t come...
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    Dallas Fort Worth RCR/SLC get together

    We're having a DFW SLC get together. Texas motor speedway is doing charity laps on 5/19/18 at 5pm. $40 for 3 laps if you sign up online. Craig will have the green one there. I'll have the yellow one. John is trying to finish up the white one before then. Frank? Cody? There is a pace car but...
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    $10k Ls-3 vs. Coyote

    This was a pretty interesting comparison on Youtube. $10k put into a Ford and a Chevy to see how much HP they can make..
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    LS youtube

    This is a pretty good link on Chevy LS strengths and gotchas...
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    Ricardo FordGT Clutch mass purchase

    Stillen and AP racing offered beefier clutches than Ford with 5 return springs instead of 4 and stouter material. They pulled them off the market until their are 20+ units. The FGT blog is doing a group purchase from AP in the UK and has around 14-16 signed up. They asked me to see if there is...
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    Nitto sale

    Discount tires online store has 335-19-30 nto5a's on sale for $666 a set, after $100 rebate, free shipping. Plus most local DT shops will mount for free. So they end up costing less than $300, a deal for 200UTQ tires that are super grippy. 2 New 335 30 19 Nitto NT 05 30R R19 Tires | eBay
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    Ford GT Test Mule Spotted on Detroit Freeway [Video]

    Getting close to the FGT on track... Ford GT Test Mule Spotted on Detroit Freeway [Video]
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    I saw this GT40 at a garage in Dallas. I was told it was chassis #11, one of 12 of the original gt40's that saw race time. Supposedly the owner was offered $5.5 million for it and turned it down. ...And there it sits, started once every monday. Does anyone know any history on when/where it ran?
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    SLC? no, $200k Falcon

    I know its not an SLC but this Falcon F7 youtube shows alot of the frame. Its interesting to see there modifications, like the front clip struts. That's gotta weigh a ton. Falcon F7: Get Ready - YouTube
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    Ryan Ellis on Discovery

    Found this out on Youtube on Ryan Ellis. A nice piece from the Discovery Channel. Hope he has a few more dates with the SLC in 2014!? Ryan Ellis - Discovery Channel Piece - YouTube
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    Circuit of Americas Rolex Grand Am 3/1-2

    Now theres something you dont see in the U.S every day. 85mph, on the way circuit of the Americas too. Is anyone goin there to see the DP's, March 1,2? Circuit of The Americas - Home of the Formula 1 US Grand Prix | Nov. 16-18, 2012 | Austin TX
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    I didnt realize this but API is trying to phase out wear metals in engine oil. The currnet SF spec has it down to 1/3 of what it was 15 years ago. I used to make oil for Amalie and now it doenst matter what brand you chose, Mobil, Exxon, by law they all have to limit the Zinc dithio phos. For...
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    SL-C ISIS utube

    Looks like ISIS put a pretty nice piece out on the 01 car. Good shots of the interior... YouTube - ‪RCR Superlite with ISIS Power at Autobahn‬‏
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    Ricardo, Filler up

    I was told the way to check the fill level on a Ricardo is to remove the nut just above the oil pan (drivers side) and check to see that the oil level is up to the bottom of that threaded hole. Then I've heard to fill, you squirt the QGT oil in that hole, hence the squirt cap on the Motorcraft...
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    Rapier Ad - DuPont

    Here's an ad attached in the current Dupont Registry. It's in a SPecial edition that reviews new models. RCR also had an ad for the SLR in the same edition. Fran is going to be a busy boy.. This youtube is worth looking at. Burnout Art: <FONT face=Arial size=2><SPAN style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt...
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    Ball Joint Drilling

    Quick question, what would you use to drill the hardened stud coming out of the ball joint to pin the castle nut. The pre drilled holes are 1/2" above the castle nut. Titanium, Cobalt? I've heard these are difficult/pain in the ass to drill. In the rear i could add a 1/2"-20 grade8 nut to get...
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    Rough Idle LS376 help

    Got the engine started, Fuel is now up to 60psi. The LS won't idle unless I choke about 85% of the air intake. The i get a rough idle but it's the only way to get any idle. When i give it some gas, i need to choke less, say around 50% and it runs smooth at 3K rpm. I put my MAF sensor exactly...
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    Fuel pump opinion?

    Does anyone have a preference for electric fuel pump to run LS fuel injection? I need 60 psi+ and 100-200 gph. My aeromotive A1000 died and they want $225 to repair plus 3 to 4 weeks lead-time. Plus the 600 gph Aeromotive was overkill for 525hp. So outside of aeromotive, any opinions on the...
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    LS 376 Tacho

    Has any one pulled the tach signal out of an Chevy LS engine? The manual says to combine the Engine speed with Ignition voltage. They recommend a 5000 ohm pull up resistor at the igniton wire before merging, it says this is a 15A signal. It also say the engine speed (TACH out) signal is low...
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    Rapier SL-C Utube

    Looks like this went live tonight. There are 3 videos out there. Thursdays had almost 1000 hits. Is this Billy Meads? YouTube - Rapier SL-C by Rapier Automotive