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    Hi-Po Heads

    I'm looking for a set of 1965/67 Hi-Po heads # C50E-A in any condition. Thanks, Ellis Hubbard
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    New cars

    RIP Charles F. Seabrook II. Charlie is in the Drag Racing Hall of Fame and all of his cars have lots of horse power. Charlie was a friend and I purchased three (3) cars from his estate. The GT40 is chassis GT40P1137 and has 750hp. The Superformance PB Coupe is chassis 0067 and has 701hp. Last is...
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    First Place

    I had a good day yesterday June 12, 3016. At the request of a friend I entered my GT40 into the premiere car show in Cincinnati Ohio. It was the 39th annual Concours d'Elegance held at Ault Park, benefiting juvenile arthritis. To start with the five (5) GT 40's were moved from the rear of the...
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    Can someone furnish me a drawing with the hole locations dimensions on the surface between the block and bell housing ?
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    1/2 gt40 mkv

    My new project is to make a wall hanging out of a wrecked GT 40 MK V chassis (chassis GT 40 P1097). The car was wrecked in 2000 at Moroso Park in West Palm Beach Florida. I bought the wreck in August of that year and had Safir Engineering build a new replacement chassis for the car. I rebuilt...
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    289 Block

    I'm looking for a NOS 1966/67 289 Ford block.
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    New XJ 13

    The first XJ 13 turned out so nice I thought I'd do it again.
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    Bell Housing

    I'm looking for a bell housing that fits a ZF 5DS-25 /0 (4 bolt) transaxle to a small block Ford motor (289/302). This can be a machined casting or a raw casting that we can finish machine. Thanks, Ellis Hubbard
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    XJ 13 almost finished

    Almost finished with the XJ 13 project. It is chassis 001 from SCF. Finished in Brooklands green with Sebring silver stripes and yellow accent stripes. A Jaguar V12 and a Porsche 6 speed transaxle, with full Jaguar suspension, Dayton wire wheels, green leather seats with a yellow welting. Should...
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    Etching from a photo.

    I have a friend who was the only American on the pit crew when Jim Clark won the Indy 500 in 1965. Turns out he is also an automotive artist, who when I let him drive one of my cars he does an etching of it for me. I now have nine (9) of them hanging on my office walls. He does the etching from...
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    Halidrand wheels

    I have a set of four aluminum Halibrand wheels for sale. 8"x15" and 11"x15" with a 4.5" back spacing and 6 pin holes on a 4.25" BC. These are new wheels that have had tires on them but never driven on the road. Pick up only. @ $ 1600.00 for the set of 4 wheels.
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    CAV for sale **SOLD**

    For sale CAV chassis # 077 (stainless steel chassis). This is a new car with less than 50 test miles. New Ford 302/300hp with a rebuilt Getrag 5 speed transaxle. Car is painted in Diamond black with black leather dash, leather seats and black nylon carpet. Car has AC that works great. For...
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    I'm looking for a set of seats that will fit a GTD. 513 353 3041 or [email protected] Thanks, Ellis
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    Painted GTD

    I just got Brian McCarthy's old GTD back from the paint shop and it looks great.
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    Help "2"

    I have attached a photo of my A/C compressor and mounting brackets for CAV chassis 077. Does any one have any photos of the compressor unit installed to a 302 before the motor is installed into the chassis? I'm having a hard time figuring where and how the thing attaches. Thanks, Ellis
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    I'm putting CAV chassis 077 together and I don't know where this part goes "HELP".
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    GTD side windows

    I need a set of side windows for a GTD (Brian McCarthy's old car)