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    Renault UN1 output shaft issue
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    Renault Un1-13 throwback through gear shift

    Evening all, After a bit of advice, I have just finished my car except for paint and have been trying to get the miles in to iron out any potential issues, unfortunately I have found one that now needs ironing out... So far I’ve driven around 150 fairly sedate miles in the car and they have...
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    Sanden AC compressor

    As New Genuine Sanden A/C compressor £150.00
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    Avons for 12" wheels

    Had a call from Image today to say they could not fit the 295 Avon tyres they normally do to my 12" wheels something to do with Avon changing the spec of them as they have done it many times before, does anyone know if there is a larger tyre available as Image say not and I'll need to go to...
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    Stupid question time...

    Ok so this ones got me stumped, how do I do I stop the kingpins spinning when I tighten the nylock nut up onto it?
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    15" BRM wheels in UK or Europe

    As per the title really, anyone got any for sale?....
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    So who did we see?

    On Tuesday afternoon I spotted a black GT40 heading north bound on the A34 and Tuesday morning a neighbour spotted a light blue GT40 with gold wheels driving around our estate in Chichester (he assumed it was something to do with me but sadly not). Anyone on here?
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    Air conditioning hose unions

    Anyone got any spares lying around? In need of: 3 #6 90" elbows, 1 #8 90" elbow, 1 #8 charging port and 1 #10 charging port. Let me know. Cheers Paul
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    347 Stroker pistons for sale...

    Set of DSS Racing forged pistons for a 302 based 347 Stroker like these: These pistons have been fitted but never run and are essentially new, they come complete with oil support rings fitted, pins, retaining clips and...
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    Gt40 Dash Board

    An unused dashboard no longer required as my body comes with one, located in Chichester. £120.00 07747 471223
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    New engine but where to start...

    Hello Well I picked up a DSS 347 stroker short engine at the weekend and a pair of Performer RPM heads :) Now I have them in my garage I'm a little unsure on how to proceed, I have ordered a rebuilding booked from real steel but the chap who sold it to me did say it would just cover assembling...
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    Panel sealant

    Hi, I need some more polyurethane panel adhesive for bonding the aluminium panels to my chassis, just thought I would see what people recommend? I have been using the CBS stuff which is working fine but IMO seems fairly expensive as it works out over £25.00 for two tubes delivered, now in...
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    So then, who else is going to Le Mans??

    We are heading down Wednesday morning and staying on Houx Annexe, thought it might be nice to meet meet a fellow owner or two? Sadly don't think mine will be quite ready drive over there this year:laugh: but can't wait until it is:thumbsup: Paul
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    Chassis panel fit, stupid question 1 of many.....

    Just starting to panel my chassis and have noticed a few of the welds (specifically on internal corners) are holding the panels off the tubes, now before I break out the grinder what does everyone else do?? And if I do grind them off what paint should I use to touch up the powder coat? Ta Paul
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    Which shock absorbers

    Hi all, Just after some guidance as to which shocks are best for my SouthernGT, budget is key so Koni's are out but what are good alternatives? So far I have found AVO's and Gaz Golds via google but really know nothing about shocks so dont know which would be best? And I'm sure there are...
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    MDA still still trading??

    Just saw this on fleabay is this MDA trading again, the chap goes by the name of Mark...
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    SouthernGT Number 18

    At long last I can start my own build thread :D Yesterday lunch time I went over to SouthernGt and put my name down for chassis number 18 :pepper: Just got to drop the deposit in next week and then full steam ahead.... I have asked for the chassis to be ready for April next year so plenty...
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    Username question

    Hi I have noticed that some people have different user names to their display names how do thy do this? I would like to use the user name I use for other forums but keep my display name as is where do I change it? Ta Paul
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    Opinions on an engine for sale?

    Hello Please could some one with more knowlage than me (not hard) cast their eye over this ad and let mme know what you think? My initial...
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    New member

    Thought I'd pop into this forum and say hello:thumbsup: I have just joined up with the enthusiasts club and am now looking forward to meeting a few like minded people. I am currently preparing to take the plunge and order my kit (hopefully January) so will soon be pestering for lots of...