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    5.7 litre Chevrolet Chevette

    Keith, Thats a very intresting car.....I would imagine it was very exciting to drive, Please tell us more about it. Mick
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    Super Megs

    Made me laugh............... exhaust slightly overdone - YouTube .
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    WW II Tank Battle

    As a follow up to the story about the recon Spitfire Here is a short animated documentary, about one of the battles my Father fought in during WW II He was in "A" Squadron, The 5th Royal Iniskilling Dragoon Gaurds, which were part of the...
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    McLaren M10 Formula 5000 1969

    Some intresting pics on this site 1969 McLaren M10-A Formula 5000 .
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    1967 Formula 1 racing

    Ive just found this...its a film about the first season of racing in 1967 for the Cosworth DFV engine, and the Lotus 49. with Jim Clark, and Graham Hill It has some good racing footage 9 Days in Summer (full) - YouTube
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    Ultima Technical Advice

    In the Vendor and Manufacturer Announcements Ultima have an announcement they say .......Hello to all mid engined sportscar enthusiasts. We are pleased to announce that we are now a sponsoring...
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    Cnc tube bending

    Some intresting tube bending machines Langbow tube bending machines » New CNC Range Tube Bending
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    Lola T 70

    Hi, Ive just found these pics on this site They were posted by Mark T in 2007.. What a beautifull car...................amazing
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    Why use wide tyres

    Why do people use really wide tyres on thier GT40s,when the basic laws of pysics tells us 1. The force of friction is directly proportional to the applied load. (Amontons 1st Law) 2. The force of friction is independent of the apparent area of contact. (Amontons 2nd Law) Amontons' Laws...
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    Inverting Renault Gearbox

    Hi, Im want to invert the Renault gearbox, for my GT 40, and I understand there is an article that someone wrote about doing the conversion. I purchased the Back Issue CD from Tony, Ive just spent 2 hours looking through the back issues, but i cannot find the article. Does anyone know which...
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    This is Crazy

    Im not Racist, But these "ASSHOLES" are.......Read the text..its even more Crazy Female Gang Who Attacked Woman Spared Jail As They Were 'Not Used To Alcohol' (Video)
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    GT40 Aluminium Mononcoque Chassis

    Here are some pics of an aluminium 16 swg rivited and bonded chassis Im building for my GT40 In these pics the chassis weighs 145 lb. The finished chassis will weigh less than 250 lb including all mounting points, and roll cage....
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    The Good Old Days

    Early sixties "Sramble" somewhere in England Fluff Brown leading the race on a Cotton, with a Villiers Starmaker engine The St Johns Ambulance man, doesnt seem to worried about his own safety Does anyone have any similar pics of racing from thet era
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    Lotus 78..

    A few more pics
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    Lotus 78

    I recently went to the Beauliau Motor Museum .Here are some pics I took of The Lotus 78. The first Formula 1 grounds effects car. It doesnt have the full ground effect tunnels, they were to come later, but you can see the rubber side skirts. This link will give more information about the car...
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    Ac cobra original

    Hi I was lucky enough to see an original Lola T70 MK II today. This was also in the workshops... Its an original AC COBRA
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    Hi , These are some pics I took today... Its an original mk II...I was told it is number 20
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    Micks New Workshop

    Its taken about 10 yrs to get my workshop finished. Ive added a TIG welder, and a steel rack, next to the saw since I took these pics I have access to, A Lathe, Milling Machine, Mandrel Tube Bender, Fly Press, Materials etc, at work, which is about 150 yds from where I live Its taken a long...
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    Help identify MK II pics

    Hi Ive been looking through some of my GT40 pics, and Ive found these,I believe the first two are of a MK IIa,.... but later upgraded with a MK IIb dash... The third pic appears to be a MK IIb, because it doesnt have a central tunnell, but the dash appears to be from a MK I Can anyone give...
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    Bump steer

    Hi, Ive just found may have been posted not sure... I hope it is of intrest, to someone. mick Longacre Racing Online -- Tech Article "Bump Steer "