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  1. kcoffield

    SLC Wiki

    Anyone have the link to the SLC Wiki handy and could post it by reply? All my old links are dead and when I search the subject line of this thread, I get a mind numbing number of hits but no joy. Best, Kelly
  2. kcoffield

    TT Ford GT powered Ultima

    Not mine and hard to imagine the need for TT but looks very nicely done. Boat load invested there I'm sure. Hard to believe there's a Ricardo stuffed in there too. Anyone know the car? Replica Kit Makes | eBay Best, Kelly
  3. kcoffield

    Editing Your Own Posts

    I messed up the IMG link in a classified add I posted. I'm logged in, no one has replied, and don't appear to be able to edit my post to correct the error in the thread at the link below although I can edit this post? Am I just overlooking the edit button somewhere? Best, Kelly...
  4. kcoffield

    IR EFI Induction C302B Heads 9.2 Windsor

    This is a custom IR EFI induction system for 9.2” deck Windsor style block with high port C302B heads. It is low profile and will comfortably fit under the hood of most passenger cars with filter assemblies. Years ago I made a few dozen such systems and the tooling to cast these high port...
  5. kcoffield

    V12 Clevor

    Recently I made the acquaintance of a fellow that has a project that I suspect you all might enjoy so I thought I’d share it with you. The pictures and links attached show a V12 Ford that is made from a couple sectioned 302 Mexican blocks and Cleveland 4V closed chamber heads. Now I know...
  6. kcoffield

    SBF IR induction

    Nice piece, especially for anyone running 8.2 deck and C3 heads. IR Intake 5.0 302 Roush Panoz GT40 Lola Pantera Cobra kit car GTM C3 Head Yates | eBay Happy to answers any Qs Best, Kelly
  7. kcoffield

    Like an SLC with a rocket up its rear

    I thought the roof scoop made this Elise look like a stubby SLC. Staged turbo...giidddeeeyup! Video: Matt Farah Drives The World's Fastest Lotus Bestr, K
  8. kcoffield

    Cross Ram Individual Runner EFI Intakes 4-Sale

    Gent’s, I have 4 Individual Runner Cross Ram EFI intakes at auction for sale. Three of them are very well crafted sheet metal intakes for C3 Yates type heads on 8.2” deck SBF. The 4<SUP>th</SUP> is an Aussie Morrison intake for Windsor headed 8.2” deck SBF. Eye candy and serious pieces. Would...
  9. kcoffield

    Vintage Wheel

    I just wanted to say thanks to Bob Lacey at Vintage Wheel. The previous owner of my 40 made the swap to 17” wheels from Vintage. After owning the car for a while I noticed the threads on one pin drive spindles didn’t protrude the same amount from the spinner as the rest did. After investigation...
  10. kcoffield

    Muffler/Silencer Sources

    I'm building several sets of 180s and am looking to source some cylindrical stainless silencers. I'm thinking single stage rebuildables with typical scrubble/steel wool/glass matt packing. I like the Burns stuff but it comes at a premium. Looked at Borla and several others. Street level sound...
  11. kcoffield

    Reproduction Hewlands?

    I was sort of surprised to see these auctions and the Hewland boxes being repopped. Have these been discussed here before? Anyone know anything about the company? Likely a pile of dough $. New Reproduction Hewland Style LG600,Lola,Can-AM,GT40: eBay Motors (item 270642930464 end time Oct-07-10...
  12. kcoffield

    Why men shouldn't write advice columns

    Or perhaps, why they should. Too funny. -Kelly
  13. kcoffield

    Pretty Much Says It All For Me

    Think I found my new Avatar. Amen. Best, Kelly
  14. kcoffield

    SPF P2174 now living in Iowa

    Well gents, after watching for quite some time, the right opportunity presented itself and a tentative deal was made subject to inspection and driving. At 6:00 A.M. the following Saturday I was wheels up heading from Iowa to Seattle and at 11:30 A.M. Pacific time, after squeezing my 6'2" frame...
  15. kcoffield

    Superformance GT40 registration Qs for Iowa

    Started to research the subject SPF registration. I live in Iowa and not sure if anyone else out there has registered an spf car here. First, I notice the SPF states they are not a kit but Turn Key Minus (TKM) Rolling chassis. Is this marketing lingo or do DMVs recognize this distinction? I...
  16. kcoffield

    Rear Upright Pictures

    Looking for pictures of rear uprights being used on 40s. I searched the site and came up with new ones being offered by one of the vendors which look nice, but just want to see what else everyone is using. All input is appreciated. If the weight of the upright is known, that information would...
  17. kcoffield

    Sources: Prepped CV Joints & Custom Axles

    Looking for recommended sources for 930 CV joints; lightened, high strength cages, polished and prepped. Also need custom length 28 spline 300m axles. Basically just looking for sources for axle blank, cut to length, and machine snap ring grooves on the latter. It's for non-GT40 (Pantera)...
  18. kcoffield

    Fontana Block, C302B Heads, IR EFI Induction

    Thought I had posted this here but couldn't find my thread. Detailed description and pictures below. It was intended for a Pantera but would be a great light weight/high power potential GT powerplant. Offered for sale as a package is a Fontana Block, Set of C302B Heads, and a complete custom...
  19. kcoffield

    ZF -2 Pantera rear mounts wanted

    Hello all. Posted over in the transaxle section and should have posted here. I need a pair of the Pantera style rear aluminum mounts for my Pantera. Was wondering if anyone that had purchased a Pantera -2 and converted for your GT-40 had a pair of these mounts for sale. email [email protected]
  20. kcoffield

    ZF -2 Pantera Rear Mounts wanted

    Hello all. I need a pair of the Pantera style rear aluminum mounts for my Pantera. Was wondering if anyone that had purchased a Pantera -2 and converted for your GT-40 had a pair of these mounts for sale. email [email protected]