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    Suitable low pressure pump for Direct Injection engine

    Hi all, Am after some ideas re the low pressure pump for a direct injected flat 6 porsche engine. I.e the pump to supply the main cam driven high pressure pump. The existing car used an in tank system with no return to tank, I am unable to use the tank so wish to use an external pump or if I...
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    Anyone lengthened a Titan Steering rack

    Afternoon all, Has anyone lengthened a Titan rack? I have moved my rack up out of the way of my shins by a small margin and as such the rack end ball centers are just a smidgin too short, 5mm each side so a total of 1cm. I did think to get some longer screw cups machined up and some longer nylon...
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    Fuel tank straps/rubber

    Hi does anyone know where in the uk I can get hold of some strap material and rubber, pref with some overcentre catches as well?? I can cut and weld etc to length. I don't fancy buying a large sheet of stainless just to make a couple of straps, ideas peeps? regards Chris
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    Rear Uprights for sale

    I have a pair of Mamba Motorsport rear uprights for sale, brand new never used, machined to accept Porsche bearing and five stud hub (hubs and new bearings supplied fitted) pic pre machining Next pic shows bearing installed and hub about to be pressed in place And last one showing the rear...
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    Uk based light cover moulders???

    Hi, does anyone have any info on any company able to do light covers and side windows for a 917, i have all the shapes, male and female in fibreglass just struggling to find someone to do it. Had thought about making a hot box and doing them myself using vacuum and compressed air, any ideas...
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    New Pirelli Tyre

    Whilst searching for a set of the elusive 345/35/15 tyres over here (apt no one has any for sale and no date has been given by Pirelli when they will make another batch, I also hear that they are stopping making the rears for Diablos, how long will Pirelli remain Lambo`s tyre of choice?????)) I...
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    Tube specs for wishbones?

    Hi guys, am at the stage (or soon will be!) of making some wishbones, can anyone tell me what sort of sizes are in use regarding the 40`s, I had a mind to use CDS with a wall of 3mm just need a diameter, I bought some 1" but it seems a tad on the small size!!! I will be welding ends in to accept...
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    917 rear latches

    Hi all, am after a couple of pairs of rear latches, am aware they are old ski latches made by Geze, is there anything that looks close or any repro type replacements. I guess RCR produce something?? Open to any ideas? cheers Chris
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    Suspension Design

    Hi all, I have been messing with a string computer all day, trying to suss out suspension mounting (inboard) points for my mid engine machine. I have arrived at the point where I am fairly happy with the figures I am getting at the moment but would just like to check if I am chasing the right...
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    Chassis tube Dimensions

    Hi, Am going to order some steel soon and was just trying to figure out what would be the ideal tube, dimensions and thickness etc. Originally the 917 used lots of different sizes, 35mm/3mm for main frame, 32mm/2.5mm for main braces and then 30mm,25mm,20mm/1.6mm, all alloy of course. I am going...
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    Bodywork panel thickness

    Hi all, I had planned to do a epoxy/glass layup but have changed my mind (due to not being able to get my shed warm enough) and instead going to use Poly and CSM. What sort of thickness are most bodies, obviously the shape adds to the strength, was thinking along the lines of 1/8" inch where...
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    Direct injection standalone ecu

    Does anyone know a company that makes such a device for a Direct Injection engine (petrol flat 6) seemed to have drawn a blank so far. regards
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    Porsche Museum Pictures

    A link to some of the pictures I took at the museum may be of interest to you. Porsche Museum - a set on Flickr regards Chris
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    917 Scratch Build

    Evening all, just thought I`d post some picies of my project. Am scratch building a 917, not a perfect replica but as close as I can get to it with the limited info/drawings available, I have also stretched the cockpit section 6 inches with the hope of moving the pedals back to the front wheel...
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    What Audi transaxle for RS4 motor

    Hi all, Just doing a bit of research, I am looking at making a mid-engined spaceframe chassis replica, not a GT40 though so I hope you don`t mind me asking here on this forum. Audi RS4 V6 twin turb motor, I am aware that the AWD box is a non starter (or requires an awfull lot of work to use) so...