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    Pictures of Venice

    Crispyduck.zenfolio is still there
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    Braided Hoses Throughout!!

    Hi Shaun,I did use -3 stainless hose for the brake lines and -4 for the clutch line All stainless fittings ,all from demon tweeks Regards Keith
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    Roy Smart - Rest In Peace my friend...

    Nice words Paul and Andrew,
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    Roy Smart - Rest In Peace my friend...

    I'm really saddened to hear only today of the sad loss of Roy. I last spoke to him in his workshop with a cup of tea a few years ago. Many knew he had Cancer but I'm disappointed with myself that I did not go and see him more recently. I meet Roy in the late 90''s at Goodwood when GTD track days...
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    Complete Kit Car Magazine

    Just had published the second article for my Southern GT40 Part one was feb issue out Jan and part two March issue out Feb ( now ). Luckily it stopped raining the day of the photo shoot.
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    Complete Kit Car magazine

    Hi all, Today the final photo shots were done by complete kit car magazine for my Southern GT40 The first section of the magazine will be out this month for the build sequence with February's issue will have the final completed car pictures. Hopefully some of you will support the magazine in...
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    Brett's RS GTD

    I know what you mean Brett, Last year I sought of semi retired,down to two days a week. As from Jan it's one day a week or when I'm needed. But last year I bought a cottage early 1700's and been working on that, restoring some more motorbikes, etc. I wondered how I ever did have time to go to...
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    Brett's RS GTD

    Hi Brett , sorry to hear you've had some issues. I'm sure your aware the build has been over 10 years now. I'll give it to you mate, other less mortals would have given up by now. You will get there in the end and have the satisfaction of all you efforts Happy new year to you as well Regards Keith
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    Hi frank, there may be some questions regarding this particular GT 40 but I had the rare chance to see the original GT40 from the rofgo collection at Hamiltons offices a short while ago. Very impressive seeing so many Gulf cars in one area and up close. Porsches, Aston and 40 etc etc. Bearing in...
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    SouthernGT Number 18

    Long time I last visited the forum but the Builds Looking real nice Paul,
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    Norfolk Tornado

    Well done andy you must be pleased. Now this doesn't mean your will be able to sit back, your be tinkering for many a day yet. Nice job Regards keith
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    Wind deflectors for the gt40

    I decided to do something about excessive heat build up in the cockpit on very hot days and the a/c on full chat, the car was not overheating , but I was. I have today purchased from Frank Catt a pair of wind deflectors so that I can remove the side perspex and breath fresh air. I picked them...
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    Condenser location

    Darren mines in front of the rad it doesn't affect my cooling at all. Today I drove up to brands hatch circuit to watch some race cars it was a very hot day, the fans only come on once and I had the a/c on as well , it works well and it helped having it on but still hot in the car. It's the way...
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    Norfolk Tornado

    Just thought I'd have a look at the forum, not been on for a while. Well andy I see your now a member of the elite road going gt40 owners. Now the hard work starts. Stripping out and putting your stamp on it. When mine passed IVA in a September the car was not on the road until February and it...
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    SouthernGT Number 18

    Just a quick point, the hole in the front ally where the steering arms protrude on mine were to small. The rubber gaiter was too near the hole and dragged on the edge which would have worn it through so I enlarged the hole to well clear. Later I had two laser cut edge trims made and they slipped...
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    SouthernGT Number 18

    Hi Paul, sorry for not answering you pm , I have not been on the forum for ages. My car is at Sgt for a few days more having a turkey tray fitted and a few bits done. You can pop in and have a look at some of what I did, it all works well. Looks like your progressing well. If you have any...
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    MDA Mk1 with Gulf Arches - Martin P

    Lovely looking martin, Nice job mate Have a happy new year Regards keith
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    MDA Mk1 with Gulf Arches - Martin P

    Hi Martin, Well you got there in the end, great evil looking beast, love the colour, well done Regards Keith
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    SouthernGT Number 18

    Hi Paul, Not been on the forum for a while, nice job so far keep up the good work. Regards Keith