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    Basil Green

    Basil Green, founder of Perana Sportscars SA passed away last monday 27th. Basil was famous in the early seventies by its Perana Capri V8 and Gunston Capri V8 conversions. RIP Basil
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    Camping meeting Zonhoven Belgium 12-14th august

    A meeting for all classic Fords. Its a well known camping meeting in the Europeaan Classic Ford scene with Classic Fords from all over Europe Usualy some GT40's & Ford GT's attend the show on saturday. We'll bring our GT40 for the whole weekend (on a trailer behind my Classic Ford motorhome as...
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    A new GT40 Enthusiast club representative for the Netherlands.

    A new GT40 Enthusiast club representative for the Netherlands. Some already know me and for most I will introduce myself. I am JP, yes just JP. Really only my mother calls me by my full name. 52 by age and live with my wife Linda in the Netherlands. I am a Dutchman. Wooden head, wooden shoes...
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    Ball joint extender bumpsteer.

    Its been issue'd before but can't find the link to it. I have bumpsteer issues on my KVA B chassis which I am trying to sort. I allready raised the steering rack by 12mm ( about 7/16 ). I have seen ball joint extenders to extrent the tie rod from the steering arm ( not to extend it from the...
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    Fuel pump specs updated

    Fuel pump specs (carbureted) , updated. Keep them specs comming!. Its all just aviable information bundled on one page. Not going to discus whats my favourite, its just info to share and make your own plan. Webers work best at approx 4 psi of fuel pressure (Not 2 psi like many of the older...
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    79th Goodwood members meeting 14 days to go. Who's attending?
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    Rear spring rate Rover V8

    I am a bit stuck here. My B type chassis has the Jaguar IRS quad shock, spring setup. I have no droop at all, It just sits fully extended. Driving the GT feels its way to stiff also as it seems the springs wont compress at bumps., jacking up the car or me just standing on top doesn't make a...
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    Brake master cylinder sizing.

    I could use some advise here on brake master cylinder sizing. My KVA B type has Jaguar XJ series 2 brakes all around (as its part of the B type development). Google tells me: Series 2 XJ has four pot callipers up front, 4 pistons 48mm/1.89in each side. 11.22 sq/in piston area. Rear has two pot...
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    Front parrots mk2 I have just been told, these mk2 parrots (probably with frame work) should be available in the USA. Picture is a Shelby Continuation (Superperformance). Does any one has a lead to these.
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    RIP Gordon Spice

    RIP, & godspeed. We'll all team up in time. GT40's & Capri's man of my heart.
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    Alternate door lock release.

    I am looking for a simple alternate door release system, cause I have issues (physically) reaching the lever behind my shoulder while sitting in the seat. I can do a simple T-Pull cable but that doesn't realy have the looks. Door locks are SouthernGT suplied and the lever just bolts on the...
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    Spa Classic canselled

    Spa Classic 14-16 may, cancelled Quote The directives of the Belgian authorities pushed us, reluctantly, to cancel...
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    Cartek GT Battery Isolator

    Good or bad?? Was trying to find a suitable spot for fitting an old fasion FIA battery kill switch with two push cables but failed. Google showed a nice kit from Cartek that seems to do the same on a funky way. Was thinking about a push button each side and one inside the cockpit. Battery...
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    Rubber thingy..

    Where to get these? Ill assume its a rubber kind of thingy, I have no idea Need two as apparently I am missing these in my build. Didn't came with the abandoned project.. Rear clip fixture - locators or how do you call them? Picture is not from my car. (thanks Geert Jan)
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    MIG alloy welding

    I can't weld alloy at the moment cause I don't have a AC TIG welding machine. My Cebora 160 EVO MIG welding machine is capable of doing alloy. I need to swap to 100% argon and a teflon inner lining according to the manual. So what are the results of MIG welding alloy?
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    ID tags

    Did the UK build GT40's, mk1 & JWR and the Shelby build, Holman Moody build, Alan Mann build & Karkraft build all have their own ID tags? Or was it just one, just the same ID tag for all. How about mk2 & 3 & 4 ?
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    Whats this

    Found this pic on the web saying, Le Mans testday '65. Borani wheels, strange frontclip ?
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    Front spring rating help needed.

    My KVA "B" chassis came with 220lb front springs. Its basicly a XJ6 front setup ( wishbone, brake & hub) using a single XJ rear shock each front side. Rear setup is dual OEM coilovers each side as on XJ6 / 12 / E-type. ( yes, four shocks on the back. Its a GAZ adjustable coil over using a...