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    RCR40 0046 for sale *SOLD*

    Reluctantly selling 7 years of work, RCR 0046. This is a unique build, please see build thread here: In a nutshell, I built this car to be a great driving GT40 replica with modern performance but 1966 aura. All...
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    Ricardo transaxle vent

    I am running the Ricardo in my RCR40 (and not too many folks are using the Ricardo there). I have always had fluid blowing out the vent. I added a cooler, no difference. I started with the factory vent, at the end of every drive there is transaxle fluid running down onto the floor. I decided...
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    Slipping clutch

    I posted this on my build forum but it really applies more here. I have an LS7 with the Ricardo and all stock accessories (clutch, slave, shifter) bolted to the SLC flywheel (admittedly 5 years old). The clutch started slipping. There are hot spots on the flywheel but all is tight and dry...
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    Locating pins for upper rear clip

    Gentlemen, I have seen several techniques for locating and securing the top of the rear clip. I have also seen cars that seem to have nothing. Any thoughts on the best way to pin down the top? Pins from below with external cotters? Pins in the clip that can be locked from the cabin...
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    removable switch panel: needed?

    I have finished modifying my dash so that it can be removed with rollcage and spider in place. Some have made a removable switch panel. I am debating about whether to do this or not. Do folks want to weigh in on the ups and downs? Thanks!
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    Jms iii slc

    Since this isn't really a build log and it's not a replica, I am going to put this thread here. My father just brought home his SLC and we have started the tweaking that will be required to get it ready for it's maiden track time mid July. This is pretty much a turn-key car, though a few...
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    SLS AMG motor sounds

    I had to post this. Possibly the best over-run gurgling ever. This is just one of the best sounding cars: Jay Leno goes for a drive in the Mercedes SLS AMG - Car Videos on StreetFire
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    Big motors on video!

    This is worth a watch: YouTube - Mclaren M8F KIC 2009
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    I have no idea how to set up gauges. I have the Classic kit that came from RCR. It has speedo, tach, volts, oil pressure, water temp, and two fuels. I am getting the ford pulse modifier from Classic to mate the speedo to the Ricardo. The tach, volts and fuel I can handle (I think)...
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    Speed sensor from Ricardo tranny

    I have two plugs dangling from my tranny (don't take that the wrong way). One appears to be the reverse indicator. I don't need this. I think the other is a speedo sending unit. I have the Classic Instrument gauges. Can I use the sending unit from the tranny? Anyone know specifics on how...
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    RCR40 front sway bar length

    I am setting up my front sway bars. There have been some changes in suppliers over time. Does anyone know the exact length of the front bar? I have two the same length, not sure if they are both fronts or both rears. Thanks! -J.
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    Anybody familiar with Isis electrical?

    ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System - Automotive Wiring Harnesses, Car Wire Harness, Engine Wiring Harness, Auto Wiring Harness, Truck Wiring Harness, Car Wiring Kits I am interested. Looks like a slick bit of kit. Not cheap though. But I hate wiring. Impressions from those wiser than me?
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    SLC impressions

    I am going to keep a running tally as we go. Ferrari has the Clienti program. For a fraction of the cost (OK for several orders of magnitude difference) we have in essence joined the RCR equivalent. The old man has ordered an SLC, and to tide us over Fran was gracious enough to loan us his...
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    Steam fitting question

    Will this be OK? To clear my throttle linkage plate I have bent the stock hard line to go under it. This does create a high spot in the line coming off the passenger side. Should I source new individual plugs and run them independent to the reservoir? I have heard the flow through these...
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    Just like crack.

    After a fairly long wait, I finally sampled a purpose built racer. Today was my first drive in my 1978 Lola T-440. What a hoot! Now everything else feels like a barge. Hopefully I can learn some driving skills to do her justice. It will actually change my focus as I build the GT40, as I am...
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    Getting fuel out of the tank

    I am trying to get all the fittings I need to plumb my EFI system. I am using in-tank pumps that have a 5/16 barb fitting. I need to run 5/16 hose to a bulkhead fitting in the top of the tank. I want -6AN on the outside of the tank. I must be missing something, because I cannot for the life...
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    Roll-over valves

    Do the front fillers have roll-over valves in the RCR40 tanks?
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    Something for you LS7 SLC folks:

    Fiber Tuned Intake Review with pictures - LS1TECH and also... LS7 Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold - LS1TECH These might help if you have stackenvy.
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    LS7 questions (and some answers)

    Still sorting my LS7 plumbing. I had been looking for a way to move the cooler to the left side of the motor, opposite the dry sump tank. In case anyone wonders, the LS7 has two bolts above the filter for just such a purpose, so don't go buying an adapter. Some say the stock oil pan on...
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    How far from the cage?

    If you are driving on the road with no helmet, you do not want your head to be able to contact any part of the roll cage. How far would you say you need to be? I think you can move around a LOT in an impact. The RCR has the center bars near the roof, and bars across the top edge of the...