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  1. Mstarkey3

    Has anyone run Spiral Turbo Baffles in the exhaust on a GT-40?

    I'm curious about these Spiral Turbo Exhaust inserts when it comes to mounting them right after the headers. The only reviews I can find are for Corvettes and Cobras with side pipes, or for full size front engine cars and trucks. I like the idea of having what looks like a straight pipe vs a...
  2. Mstarkey3

    G50/52 starter options

    I haven’t installed the starter until this weekend. I had to pull the engine and trans to fit a couple things and install the clutch. While it was out I put in the starter and was happy it turned the engine over quickly in the correct direction. I then found out while going back in that the...
  3. Mstarkey3

    RCR spinal column wiring harness options

    I’m curious what others have done with the wiring on a RCR. Specifically running the wiring harness to the rear of the car from the fuse block in the front. I’m thinking about running 5/8” tubes through the spinal column to connect to the heater at the proper points on the engine to make...
  4. Mstarkey3

    Trip to Circuit De Le Sarthe, Lemans France

    Ive been meaning to post these for a while. We were able to take a trip to France last year and visited Lemans. They have a really cool museum at the Circuit De Le Sarthe track. If youre in the area its definately worth a look. For a couple extra Euros you can walk the track which was really...
  5. Mstarkey3

    Fuel tank and pump setup with return style regulator.

    I have been researching and don't see a good option for using a return style regulator going into 2 fuel tanks. The only electric valve I can find uses plastic barb fittings. I found a few marine and aircraft valves, but I don't really like the thought of having to turn a lever, nor the way it...
  6. Mstarkey3

    Sean's RCR GT40 build

    Hi, I figured I would start a thread for my GT40 build on this site. I ordered my kit from RCR last month and cant wait until it is delivered sometime Mid January. I am excited to share this experience and hopefully get ideas/ suggestions from the group here on I am currently...