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    saying goodbye...for now...

    Hi All, I haven't spent too much time here, but when ever i needed answers you all were very helpful. I am selling my GT40 for some financial reasons, and that with 2 kids its very hard to to find time to drive her. I'm still keeping the Cobra and happy about that. Just wanted to say thank...
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    Minor hit and run...

    My cobra got sideswiped while parked tonight... got my side pipe dented and minor damage to the side front fender. Anyone know a good place to get it repaired in Los Angeles, CA ?? Any help will be appreciated.. Thanks, Dave :sad:
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    Roush engine failure...

    I was supposed to pick up my P2202 from my installer today... He took me for a test drive.... and that was the end... After 10 min of driving as he punched in to 2nd gear there was 3 loud back firing sounds...and the car stalled and would not start again... we pushed the car back to his shop and...
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    Front clip gaurd

    Hi All, I was wondering if there is someone out there that makes front clip gaurds that would keep the bottom clip (nose) of the GT40 from being scraped... Thanks, David
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    Got Engine in... 3 more weeks until she is running.

    Hi All, Just wanted to post up some pic's of the engine. It just came in today. It dyno'd at 575 hp and 550 tq. just waiting on sound proofing and heat insulation. will have more as soon as she's running. Dave
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    Just Got decals on... waiting for engine...

    Hi All, Just wanted to get back with eveyone about my decals.... decided on #7 and wanted to post some pic's. Just looking forward to getting in my engine in about a couple weeks.... will have more pic's then as well... Dave
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    GT40 MKII gulf colors decal# ??

    Hi All, I am new to the circle and just purchased a SPF GT40 #2202. Here is a pic of the colors.... I am in the process of purchasing decals for it and didn't know historiclly what the best number would be for it. Can someone give me some advise. I personaly like #7 or #6... Also ordered...
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    Hi all... new to this site wanted to introduce myself

    Hi Everyone, Just got a SPF GT40 roller and just about to put in the goods.. wanted to introduce myself and if anyone has any good advise for me I would appreciate it. thanks, David