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    ***SOLD*** SLC for Sale (sold)***SOLD***

    I have been doing little things on my SLC for years and have finally come to conclusion that I will probably not have time to finish it in the foreseeable future. I have a race car team and two cars to maintain, plus work, plus kids, plus wife duties, plus, plus, plus. I purchased the SLC kit...
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    SLC LS water pump and fuel items

    I have an LS water pump with the correct angled water inlet and outlet already tig welded on and ready for install with bolts. I got this when I going LS and decided to go 1uzfett instead. $200 Fuel pumps for LS setup or other. I went with a Radium surge tank, fuel pump, FPR all in one now and...
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    Fuel Filler Neck Options

    OK all, What are the viable options you came up with for the fuel fill neck and where did you get the parts. I did a google search hoping a thread would come up but no luck, I really wish they would fix it so we could search this sub forum. In the build manual has some options, but what did...
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    Troy's 5 year Build

    So here we go with some background info and then into it. First, this is going to be a slow build as I have time here and there to do things and will go weeks without. I have had my car for 3 years now and I am just starting to do it now if that gives you any indication of my speed as of late to...
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    Search Function in SLC clubhouse

    Who can we contact to get this working? There is no way to search the SLC clubhouse and get a result. You can search the main one, but anything in the clubhouse will not show up. This has been brought up before and who can we contact to get it fixed.
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    FS G50/20 LSD 6speed and tilton clutch

    I have a G50/20 LSD 6 speed trans for sale. I got this for my SLC from Fran when I got my car, but decided to go with a full sequential instead. This is a great trans with the really good gear ratios for a V8 conversion. It comes with the starter also and I have not modified the cases so it is...
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    Order of Operations?

    OK guys, I am finishing up a couple of projects here over the next month or two (the dang race car keeps on taking up time to keep it going, but I have a few months off from that soon). I should be able to actually start my build, but I was wonder what you all did in what order. I just read...
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    Utcc 2013

    Grassroots Ultimate Track Car Challenge 2013 at VIR Full course on July 19th. Anyone going or would like to go? I would love to see an SLC go and have a good time with the vettes and other cars there. My SLC is a year away from something like this. I went last year with my chumpcar and plan...
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    LS3 spec ?

    I am getting a custom lightweight flywheel made and will be using a Tilton twin disc with the push release bearing. I have all the specs I need except for one as I have the trans and the engine I plan to use is still in the trans am outside, in the cold, and other projects are on the lift right...
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    G50 flywheel and clutch options

    Hello I am using an LS engine and have a G50/20 trans. I called and talked with KEP and can get their flywheel ($500) and clutch ($900+) that will work. I have the adapter from RCR for my SLC also. My concern is this, the flywheel is 17+lbs and the clutch is almost that much. That seems really...
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    SLC Match Box Car or Diecast

    I would love to have a really cool Diecast SLC for my desk. Anyone have connections to make it happen?
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    Flat Plane Crank LS1

    Here is the post I put on LS1tech, but would like your thoughts also. Hello all. First post and I am going to try to make it a good one. I am building an SLC here soon and trying to decide on which engine to put in it. I have done the searchs and found a few threads on the flat plane crank...
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    I am working on collecting items for my upcoming build and have been pondering mufflers here. I thought I would just look through and get a set. Well, not me I guess, I have been pondering which muffler to get and can not decide. Price is not a huge issue, but if I can save some cash and spend...
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    Oil Cooler Size?

    I just finished ordered the last items for my fuel system and oil cooling system except the cooler itself. (filter relocator, accusump, an fittings) That bill for all those an fittings, yuk. I plan to run an oil cooler for the engine and for the transmission. I want to keep it all cool and if...
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    Surge Tank

    I have ordered my kit and want to start on some little things before it comes so it is not so overwhelming when it gets here, plus it keeps me focused on the car in the future. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comI am pondering the surge tank location on the SLC. I am...
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    What little things?

    So I am selling my Elise in the new few weeks for the rest fo the cash to get the SLC and I am starting to gather up the little items I will need. Any help and thoughts on what I will need. I made a quick list here, but I am sure I am missing somethings. I am trying to get little things now and...
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    First Impression in person on the SLC

    First impression in person. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> I went and saw the SLC in person on Friday and can give my first impressions on what I saw. Will had his white unfinished one and a red turn key one at his place...
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    Decisions Help when ordering SLC

    Decisions on options when ordering. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> Yup, my first post here and I really like how everyone seems willing to help and get along. I am working on ordering the SLC kit and have a few questions on...