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    Sgt suspension arm bolt sizes

    Run a 1/2in reamer/broch through the suspensio holes as soon as possible on your chassis, pref. before the ally panels, as the powdercoating inside holes needs to come off. Panels restrict reamer tool access.
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    Damaged gt40?

    And migwelds...
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    Gulf Livery no.6 Le mans Will this help?
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    Chassis drawings book in the works...

    Practically 1/4 of the price of one of my rims....considering all the work that has gone into making this book and the low volume, I think its an ok price. I was expecting it to cost a lot more.
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    Chassis drawings book in the works...

    Book ordered, £257 incl shipping:)
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    Tips or Suggestions For Removing UN1

    Leave engine in place, remove mufflers and collectors. Remove the crossmember and just remove the gearbox. Fit dowels and refit. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve fitted and refitted my engines to some detail or reworking something.
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    RBT seals, anyone know part numbers? God exploded views of parts here.
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    How Magnetic Should Stainless Steel Be?

    304 rusts easier than 316L.
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    Where to Find Black Hex Nuts

    Measure up threads, and get a set made at any decent place with a lathe and a mill to match your spindle threads. Mine are 2 1/4in 8tpi witworth threads, pitch angle on wheels (anodized red and blue) The chance with buying from somewhere and them not fitting is pretty big. Lots of retired...
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    Where to Find Black Hex Nuts

    Do it yourself Anodizing kit :)
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    Shifter knob

    Just take the drawing to a wood working shop to have it turned. Lots on ebay offering lathe services too.
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    Covid19 vaccine- report your progress

    Hi, I’m tripple vax’d, caught covid 6th march at work in Norway when thd govt lifted all restrictions. I’ve been battling this now for almost 6 weeks, and I’m finally feeling better. Headaches, memory lapses, extreme fatigue and fever. Just hope I dont get infected again when I return to work...
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    wheels whats your pcd, pegs or bolts etc Image Wheels in the UK can build you any offset and 5 or 6 pcd no idea of any US manufacturer unless RCR will do them as CNC billet. Any others on here who know where to get the wheels? morten
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    possibly: Image wheels in the UK Vintage Wheels in the US Hog Billets, South Africa
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    Original front and rear body hinge / pivot photo request

    Hi, with the positioning of the scollop opening facing rearwards, the clam is locked in place together with the side latches & optional pin bolts on top. these tongues face rearwards just for that reason to lock, and be removeable by tilting the clam almost vertical. If tongues are facing...
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    SPF 2366 Build

    Looks very nice and very hot under there:)