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    So why do we have U.S. financial crisis?

    Watch and decide for yourself: YouTube - Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?
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    zf Transaxle - get it while it's hot!

    Looks good, sounds good, but is it? eBay Motors: ZF TRANSAXLE PANTERA GT40 RARE 1 OWNER LAST 15 YEARS (item 170242331494 end time Jul-28-08 10:53:13 PDT)
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    Rocker Stripe Size and Font

    Perhaps I'm not searching on the right words, but I couldn't find this in a past post. I am having a stencil cut and need the dimensions and letter font for the rocker stripe. Any ideas? Also, your thoughts on the lable: 1. Ford 2. Ford GT 3. GT40 I'm leaning towards #3.
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    Stub axle torque setting

    I have C4 Corvette stub axles and half shafts. Does anyone know the torque setting for the stub axle nut that holds it into the rear upright bearing?
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    Best car collection I have ever seen

    This link was posted over on ffcobra, but I had to bring it over here. There are some doubting the originality of some of the cars, but I wouldn't send any of them home! From Florida to Canada - Detailing World
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    Australia Moves House

    AUSTRALIA GETS DRUNK, WAKES UP IN NORTH ATLANTIC Tired of Being Isolated and Ignored, Continent Isn't Bloody Moving Sydney, 800 miles S. of Nova Scotia After what witnesses described as an all night blinder during which it kept droning on about how it was always being bloody ignored by the...
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    Crankcase ventilation

    I'm not running a PCV valve, but need to vent my valve covers. What are my options short of running a vacuum pump? Can I simply vent the valve covers to a tank to capture any oil spray with a filtered vent? Any recommended parts?
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    351c with ZF

    This one seems almost too good to be true: eBay Motors: pantera detomaso ford gt40 ZF trans axle complete 351c (item 270163311103 end time Sep-13-07 19:00:00 PDT)
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    Newer video, but some great old GT40 clips

    This is mainly about the newer Ford GT, but has some great old clips of GT40s at speed. I particularly like the shot of the GT40 fishtailing out of the turn! YouTube - Ford GT
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    Mark Reid RCR-40 Build

    I know, I won't have the RCR kit until October, but my son Mike (13) and I are hard at work collecting parts and getting the engine ready. We plan on an aggressive time frame, with the car painted and on the road by next summer. Here is our planned paint scheme. I told Mike he could pick the...
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    Horn button (steering wheel emblem)

    I searched past threads, but have to admit I am not yet fully competent in some of the site features. Anyway, does anyone sell the steering wheel emblem "Ford GT"?