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    Superformance GT40....order now, price increasing!

    Hi Rick, What is price today and what included Tx, Steve
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    Battery Suggestions?

    My 2c Re the battery and correction of AlanW's 9/12/11 post Re my MSD box I use an Odyssey PC1200 (1200 cranking amps for 5 sec, 44AH).Great battery The MSD is a "6ALN". The back is NOT removed. The PWB assembly is conformally coated to prevent moisture damage (this is what causes most...
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    45 GT40 Videos

    Hi Robert, Thanks! Lots of good stuff Steve P2125 PS: How's your car coming along?
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    SPF window screws

    Alan, Won't the Rubber-Insulated Rivet Nuts be too deep for the top holes and don't they have a shpulder that will keep the plexi away from the frame? Steve
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    SPF window screws

    I like the original beveled screws and countersunk plexi (makes for an easily cleanable surface). Seems like SPF went to no countersink and pan head hardware to preclude stress cracking the plexi if the screws tightened too much. I eliminated the possibility of cracking by putting a drop...
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    SPF window screws

    Rich, Screws you show are not what SPF uses; someone changed them. SPF supplies slotted head SS screws that are countersunk into the plastic. Steve P2125
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    SPF GT40 P2129 to be auctioned no rsv.

    Auctions are a crap shoot. In January of this yr a SPF MK11 with a Rousch small block sold @ BJ for $120K +10% or $132K SPF's have been selling well on Cobra Country (last one sold for @ or real close to $125K) Steve P2125
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    FE engine

    Another vote for Keith here He built a Shelby block for me. Runs great, and not a drop of leakage from the rear main seal! Steve P2125
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    Little Venting - SPF Construction

    In my posts above I tout Olthoff (rightly so as he sold me the roller, performed the install, did a great job and is an overall great resource) BUT, over the years Lance has gone above and beyond to service me with parts (both in and out of warantee), AND as I was an "earlly adopter" set me up...
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    Little Venting - SPF Construction

    After digesting all the posts above and others relating to this issue I believe the bulk of problems/complaints could have been eliminated if the buyers had done or will do the following: 1)Research other brands for comparison and as reference when inspecting your SPF with the selling dealer...
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    Little Venting - SPF Construction

    Re: Little Venting Glenn, I am the PROUD owner of P2125. Have done lot's of upgrades, mods and tweaks to the car because I wanted to (see SPF Forum "Upgrades/Mods to P2125") and a few things because I needed to BUT, never doubted that I would need to keep a wrench handy. My background is...
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    Tach Issues

    Alan, As you know I'm pretty savvy but, I don't get it. Where is "the part that is pinned"? For the brakes there are 2 threaded rods, associated lock nuts and rod ends and this assembly at this end of the threaded rod looks to be pretty robust. Now I see the bias bar guides with the...
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    Tach Issues

    Ron, I must be dense Can't figure out what partyou are talking about Re " Dennis told me that they get rid of the threaded rod ends (the part that is pinned), and just use regular rod ends retained by a couple of nuts. " Are they the rods connecting the masters to the bias bar assy...
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    Little Venting - SPF Construction

    Re: Little Venting I do not have a problem with the frames/mono paint. Does not chip, adhesion is fine and no rust. I did have weeping rubber lines fron the cannisters and was worried about possible internal corrosion of the (original type) metal cannisters so as shown in the SPF forum under...
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    Cold Air Induction

    Hi Larry, The AC on my APF P2125 works well even in 90-95 ambient Needed to properly purge,charge and adjust the thermostat on the evaporator also some thermal insulation in the cab. Steve P2125
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    Little Venting - SPF Construction

    Re: Little Venting Hi Mike, Thanks for your post/proceedure (good tip to check the throttle stop!) As you know I too replaced the stock metal reservoirs and lines (my pics are in the SPF forum under "Upgrdes to P2125") Got to give SPF credit for making the car as close to original as...
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    Little Venting - SPF Construction

    Re: Little Venting Hi MIke, Mine is OK (I have used WD40 and silicone spray to insure won't bind up also a pull back spring for belt and suspenders) but..... Would be a good idea for the SPF guys if you describe your dis-assembly/re-assembly procedure (pics if available?) in removing the...
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    Little Venting - SPF Construction

    Re: Little Venting Hi Mike, If Dennis s/u your car I'd be pretty sure he set the bias and if you didn't have lock nuts he installed them He set my bias and I have lock nuts Steve P2125
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    Very Sticky Brake Pedal

    Hi Lynn, Hope all is well, been awhile since heard from you. I had same issue with P2125. As Chet advised I have used WD40 and silicone spray and all is well but, just in case I added a "pull back spring". Olthoff says it is a common occurance due to dirt ect so a periodic WD40 spray...
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    Alloy vs. Iron blocks

    P2125 has Keith Craft built Shelby Al block with E'brock Al heads and Al intake. No leaks anywhere after 3 yrs and 6,000 miles (not even a drip from the rear main). I'm happy I went Al and very happy with the Shelby block and KC build Steve P2125 PS: Think the secret is to go all Al...