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    Pete B's Build Thread

    If you think $2000 is reasonable when compared to paint and even are bat sh!t crazy enough to wrap a car for $6000 than that person has more $ than brains. Listen if any of you are idiotic enough to even contemplate paying ANYONE $6000 for a wrap because that is cheaper than paint let me offer a...
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    The paddock enter ony if you have something sanitised to say.

    There was an entire subset of forum members (WAOG or was it WOAG) created from the shenanigans that went on there however the cool kids got it and took it for what it was while others wellllllll...... you have noted what happens when people who only claim to have have thick skin get tested ...
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    Rumbles SLC Build

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    Eric's SLC Project Code Name "Grifter"

    The rapier SL-C sold for what was it 85K when asking 150K NEW. NOT ONE SOLD!!!! The red one is a poster on here and the price is well known. NOW he had to go and FIX (FRAN had both cars for a while to fix all of rapiers mess ups.) than there was the one that sold for under 100K on ebay to name a...
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    Eric's SLC Project Code Name "Grifter"

    The one listed for 100+ the seller ISN'T IN A RUSH meaning that he really doesn't want to sell it but if someone pays HIS price than ya he will let it go. Now I agree that it a NEW BUILD for the most part and a LOT of time in it BUT IT HAS NOT SOLD!!! I don't think the SL-C is a 20K kit but I...
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    ABS and traction control on Apex

    You really should cruise the SL-C threads as this very topic (and that link with another 69 camaro was posted with the same conversion was posted in it) has been discussed. I have a feeling most of you APEX guys should just start following those builds since a lot of the same issues are going to...
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    Eric's SLC Project Code Name "Grifter"

    Than you have not been looking closely. He priced it perfectly since he is looking to sell it. Now if he was just looking to shut his significant other up and really didn't care about selling it than yes he should ask for more $.
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    ABS and traction control on Apex

    The AEM does everything and I know one builder of an SL-C on here has a complete corvette drive train with holographic wind shield display and all. Don't know if he has any of the stuff your asking about hooked up BUT I think he is running the corvette BCM and ECM so he would probably be the one...
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    Eric's SLC Project Code Name "Grifter"

    GL with the sale.; it should move quickly.
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    ABS and traction control on Apex

    Black Box Throttle Control Durbahn Shop - Electronics NEMESIS TRACTION CONTROL Just to show a couple of examples. I would look for a new / used race logic but this shows there are plenty of stand alone and integrated units. A little google love...
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    ABS and traction control on Apex

    Doesn't mega squirt also do the same? As far as race logic goes they still support it but no new systems so buy in stock or used and problem solved. The aem unit has it built in as well
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    ABS and traction control on Apex

    For traction control there is and is used in the SL-C
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    Financing an SL-C ???

    But they are worth 100K plus in the after market (RIGHT GUYS!!!!!) so this unknown established market value has been set so financing shouldn't be a problem. THIS thread ties in perfectly with what is an SL-C actually worth in the new / used market.
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    Inclose cockpits of F1 and Indy cars?

    That blue thing reminds me of an older Caparo T1?
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    Light weight battery

    Just came across this on another forum and seems to be something that would cross over nicely here. Ohm - The car battery is finally evolving The prototype weighs 6 just 6 pounds.
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    Anyone know this SL-C for sale on ebay?

    The seller is doing his damnedest to inflate the price of the car KNOWING FULL WELL that it isn't worth that much as to your point barely any cars sold have broken the 100K mark used. It wastes times and turns off otherwise real buyers because it makes buyers feel as if the seller has his head...
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    Anyone know this SL-C for sale on ebay?

    This topic about what the SL-C is worth in the aftermarket keeps p[opping up from time to time and out of all the SL-C's sold what is it TWO have sold for 100K+. Guys the car is NOT worth more than that period. This recent red one with the motor MIGHT get close to asking price BUT it's going to...
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    Eric's SLC Project Code Name "Grifter"

    The SL-C needs a F40 type of vented rear window.
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    A.J.'s SL-C build thread

    All the hose / lines seem to be steel braided so FLEX shouldn't be a problem.