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    Very cool GT40/Cobra tool

    Since I'm not keen on beating on alloy knockoff spinners with a hammer, even a rawhide or lead one, I searched online for tools to help remove knockoff spinners. Initially I thought I would make one from hardwood plywood, like the one Moss Motors sells for E-type Jaguars, but a Google search...
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    Small stainless mesh grilles in side scoops

    Some photos of early GT40s, especially road cars, show stainless mesh grilles set into the side scoops in the rear clip/bodywork. Has anyone seen a set of these for sale anywhere? If possible, I would like to have them for my car. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    engine and foundry decals

    Does anyone know which engine decals would have been appropriate for a 1968 SBF 302 in a GT40 Mark I? I've seen photos of BBF engines with oval stickers on the valve covers identifying the engine as built by Ford E&F. Does anyone know if there were similar stickers of any kind for SBF engines? I...
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    dash and instrument photos

    Does anyone have GOOD clear photos of the dashboard of an original Mark I GT40? We are going to (finally) label all the various switches using a machine that makes labels similar to Dymos... but I can't find a photo of an original dash that shows the, even looking through all the GT40 books I...
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    Stewart-Warner 240A fuel pump question

    We are having trouble with the pumps in 1149, which lose prime as soon as you shut them off, and then won't reprime. The pumps run in parallel, drawing through a Spitfire selector valve from the two tanks. The pump outputs are then merged to go into a single fuel line, to the filter/regulator...
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    Street tire question

    My GT40 has never had a proper set of tires. With a newly rebuilt engine, and anticipating actually getting her onto the road once sorted out, and actually being able to DRIVE the car around, getting a matched set of tires has become a priority again. I won't mention what's on her now, but put...
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    FS USA Weber 48 IDF setup for sale

    I bought this set of Webers for SBF about 12-15 years ago from a fellow Forum member. They are chromed Weber 48IDFs mounted on a cast alloy manifold for SBF. They have never been mounted on an engine, never had fuel in them, and have never been used. The carburetors are "Made In Spain"- I don't...
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    1057 for sale

    Tom Hartley in UK has 1057 for sale, very nice photo spread on his web showing a very original appearing car, AND the luxury interior without the grommets, which I copied for my car.
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    Need advice, and possibly an engine block for 302 Ford

    About 2-3 years ago, the engine in my GT40, built around a 1968 Ford 302 Mexico block, was exposed to a hard freeze, and blew its freeze plugs out. They were replaced, and the cooling system and engine pressure-tested to 22lbs without leakage. However, the engine had not been actually run, and...
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    new book

    Just finished Burt Levy's new novel, "Red Reign". This is a fictionalized adaptation of the era in GT racing we all know and love- the sixties, and has as a main plot thread the Ford efforts to win international motor races in order to 1) sell cars 2) have fun 3) boost their name 4) have fun 5)...
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    Any other Packard enthusiasts on this forum? Just curious. Several months ago I bought a '41 160 coupe in CA- it has spent several months in Michigan getting necessaries seen to, and is supposed to get on the way here in the next week or two. I wondered if there were any other Packard...
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    Tom Magliozzi, the older brother of the two hosts of "Car Talk", died yesterday. There is a fine obituary for him on These guys were wonderful- knowledgeable, funny, and down to earth. They stopped doing new shows in 2012 (now we know why) but re runs of the old ones are still on...
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    tourist guide to Australia

    Where is this? I recall reading it recently, but I can't find it now. Can anyone help out? Thanks in advance.
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    250 GTO sale

    It only sold for 38 million $ or something like that. I don't know whether to be relieved, surprised, or sorry. Lots of folks (inc me) thought this car would sell for 60 million $ or more. Interesting. Any comments here?
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    ruining your day

    There is a long piece in today's NYTimes by Carlotta Gall, about the Pakistani ISI sheltering OBL inside Pakistan all those years. Fuckers. It's good thing we didn't tell them when we were going to go in and rub him out. The SEALS would have arrived and gotten blown up in the empty house...
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    No thread on Russia invading Crimea? If you ask me, this is positive proof that Vladimir Putin is off his rocker.
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    alright, nothing to do with cars, even

    This is a shoutout on behalf of an English clothiers named Charles Tyrwhitt. For not only finding a set of the boots I wanted to buy, remaindered down to 1/3 their initial price, but ALSO sending me a second set a half-size smaller, and offering to pay the freight costs not only to send the...
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    Posts from Tom Shaughnessy of California, who has evidently bought 1067 out of a garage there. (former Salt Walther car, if I have this right) I don't know how to move images from FB to here, but they show the car coming out of a very cluttered garage. Has a four-light tail, and body is several...
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    thanks Keith

    I realize you probably had nothing to do with it, but fifty years ago tonight was the American debut of the greatest rock band ever, and if I am not mistaken, they were Englishmen. Or at least Liverpudlians :) If I had written just ONE of those tunes I would die happy. And they wrote and...
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    January 11th Simeone museum

    Note that the Simeone museum in Philly is having a GT40 event on January 11th, see their web site for details. We will attend this event if weather permits. They have two original Ford race cars from the era, a Mark II and a Mark IV. They also have the first Daytona coupe, the one that was...