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  1. Veek

    Unknown GT40 replica restomod.

    This popped up on my Tumblr. Does anyone know the build source?
  2. Veek

    Early CAV Mono Front brake disks.

    I was at a car show last week and a fellow with a street rod had very nice 11-inch slotted and cross drilled rotors with PBR Cobra calipers. The setup appeared to be similar to my early CAV mono. He acquired his brakes as a kit from one of the catalog houses and he thought it was from a Mustang...
  3. Veek

    Builder Assistance

    I offer this as a service to those of you in various stages of the build process or taking advantage of many of the current workplace pauses to refresh your rides.
  4. Veek

    Connector Identification

    Does anyone know what brand of electrical connector this might be and where I may obtain replacements?
  5. Veek

    Great Nostalgic Vibe

    This is from a relatively new (1996) Aussie group named Human Nature that absolutely captures the early '60s vibe, the cars, the young lady, the jukebox are spot on.
  6. Veek

    Are you still "Double Clutching"

    Over a beer with some friends last night we had a spirited discussion as to whether double clutching is necessary for racecraft heel and toe down shifts. The schools of thought ranged from: 1. You don't need to do it with a synchromesh transmission, only a proper blip of the gas when the shifter...
  7. Veek

    GT109 at the Orlando Festival of Speed

    One of the center attractions this year was GT109. It was rumored to be going up for sale at the Mecom Auction but no one was able to confirm that. In Ronnie Spain's book it was noted the car was undergoing a lengthy restoration which is obviously complete. The pictures were taking in the...
  8. Veek

    CAV Wiper Arm

    After 16 years my CAV wiper arm spines are developing a bit of play (and annoying noise in the rain). Does anyone know the source for these? The wiper motor is a BRITAX unit.
  9. Veek

    The Restoration of Elvis's BMW 507

    This is a very impressive restoration video of a stunning car. The craftsmanship is simply stunning.
  10. Veek

    Penetrating Oils

    I received this interesting article from an old motocross buddy. I thought some of you might find it enlightening, especially the reference to the "home brew". Penetrating Oils Machinist's Workshop magazine published some information on various penetrating oils. Some of you might...
  11. Veek

    Spinning Ball Joint

    I've recently replaced my steering tie rod end ball joints and during reassembly they seem to spin before I get to the recommended 65ft/lb torque setting. A fellow in my car club suggested spraying a little paint on the taper and that would "stick it" allowing the full torque. Another suggested...
  12. Veek

    And now for some entertainment

    Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's just this easy... Rebuilding Ford 289 V-8 engine (Fairlane, Mustang, GT350) time-lapse | Redline Rebuild #9 - YouTube
  13. Veek

    Amelia Island Concours Schedule Change

    For those of you planning to attend I received this yesterday from James Redmond of HSR: THE AMELIA ISLAND CONCOURS d'ELEGANCE MOVES TO SATURDAY MARCH 10 DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER RM SOTHEBY'S MOVES TO FRIDAY MARCH 9 Amelia Island, FL - Even in the best case scenario, the forecast for...
  14. Veek

    Bending A Sway Bar

    I'm looking at a minor redo of my front swaybar/anti-roll bar that involves putting another shallow bend in it. I've heard that it can be heated and bent, that it should never be heated and bent, that it should be cold bent and that cold bending won't work on the spring steel material of most...
  15. Veek

    Steering intermediate shaft phasing

    In putting my steering rack together I decided to check on the ideal placement of the u-joints on the intermediate steering shaft. On end goes to the rack the other to the steering column. What I found are two contradictory schools of thought. The one says: STEERING U-JOINT INSTALLATION...
  16. Veek

    The Car in the Father Brown mystery/drama series

    I'm a big fan of period mysteries and especially enjoy Foyles War and Father Brown. There is a question some of you in the UK may be able to answer. What is the convertible Lady Windermere (Bunty) drives? Very, very cool and I've never seen one over here. On a side note, Father Brown's little...
  17. Veek

    Early CAV MONO Steering Rack Bushing

    After 16 years, it looks like the outer bushing on my steering rack has gone to pieces. Has anyone replaced the seal/bushing and/or know where I can locate a replacement? Unfortunately, I don't know the source of the rack and perhaps another forum member might recognize it. The location of the...
  18. Veek

    Sebring HSR

    Here are some photos from the recent Sebring HSR. Many thanks to Mr. Olthoff for letting us spend time gawking at his cars.
  19. Veek

    Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall

    I have several of these around the house and (used to) keep one in the '40. This is FYI as you may be affected. Note they are sold under several different brand names. Info here: Kidde Recalls Fire Extinguishers with Plastic Handles Due to Failure to Discharge and Nozzle Detachment: One Death...
  20. Veek

    Tridon LED03 Flasher

    After installing the signal lamp LEDs, I've decided the load resistors get a bit too hot for my comfort level in the front clam shell. So I'm looking for a replacement flasher unit that is LED compatible so I can dispense with the resistors. Trindon, who made the old flasher, markets the LED03...