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    gear box problems

    Could be the spring helping the fork Some help for you on here ( but you need to remember your french at school LOL ;)
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    Classic Le Mans finally here

    Hi to all members who know me !!! :rolleyes: Am helping the night speaker to help him with some old le mans Stories I had the big chance to live during this fabulous race as driver , team manager and more .....
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    HELP!!! - Top Ball Joints - what are they off (Tornado & SGT)

    Ouch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very far from the paddock !!!! I will be with a bycicle working under the various competitor tents ( 1to 6) ( talking about history of their cars .....) If I got some time left I will drop a visit ;)
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    HELP!!! - Top Ball Joints - what are they off (Tornado & SGT)

    Hi Guys ! Where will you be parked at le mans Track ? ( Am going there for some interesting "duties" ;) )
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    New Carbon GTV8

    Absolument magnifique !!!! All parts seems to fit perfectly ; bravissimo Do you intend to "post cure" all the carbon you are molding ?
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    New Carbon GTV8

    As usual ; you are showing an excellent and very neat work !!!!! Very good progress indeed Where do you intend to use this very very nice project ? Some races ( which ones? ) or only trackdays for fun It's so big amount of hours on so professionals tooling and building assembling...
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    HELP!!! - Top Ball Joints - what are they off (Tornado & SGT)

    Hi If I remember well I have used those ( for another chassis I made 2years ago )thanks to indications of someone who had an SGT front suspension to fix and they where those ( need to be double checked !!!)
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    Homemade CFRP mid engine sports car

    Very very nice work !! Congratulations !!! So nice to watch somebody building a smart project with modern fashion !!!!!!!! ( I feel now to be a very very "jurassic builder " Keep on posting your progress ..... ;)
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    TT back again and as fast as ever

    5 bikers dying on a same week race ; so strange they stiil are able to organize that event nowadays ?????? I wonder how many died on the targa Florio or the mille miglia .......
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    Doug’s RCR Jaguar D Type Build.

    Hi In basis of your pic of the dash it is easy to CAD draw a smart solution replicating the brackets riveted to the dash but with sliding holes on top and sort of a small mechanism (tapered on the center of asmall shatf to allow pins to come "in" ) that allow the lower shaft to be positioned on...
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    Le Mans 24 Hour 2022

    Congratulations to Jim Team ! 2 cars entered and 2 cars finishing ( plus a podium ) for a second year being at Le Mans is really very very well done ; I was dreaming we have known such a man when racing with Pescarolo team we will have win for sure with help of this Le mans Fan man !!!!! Only...
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    Le Mans 24 Hour 2022

    They did a "show press "this week at le mans before the race to present the LDMH Hyper car but will race in US a little in 0 before entering Le mans in 2024 At the moment 12 oclock and 3 1/2 hours to go Jim car being 3rd have to be carefull with traffic as many crashes due to LMP car are...
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    Le Mans 24 Hour 2022

    Yes good luck for them !!!! As it is the year they can do something to be on the podium ...... Next year there will be soooooooooooo much more competition with all this factories coming !!!! Peugeot , Lamborghini ? Ferrari and now Cadillac They need to perform much better in the pits for...
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    Mono chassis paint prep

    Hi Andy Recently I used an epoxy paint from A company I trustsince years their good quality and stuff This epoxy 2 compounds paint is advised to be used on motorbike and car chassis with no primer only light prep ; so I used this coat as I needed to protect the new chassis I made during past...
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    Phil's AK40 build log

    Dry fitting your panels with "clecos" is a smart way to do as tape will move always as soon as you add one to another panel Otherwise using your method is also a good way to understand which panel is better to trim before another and .... it 's as always a lot of fun to play with a new puzzle...
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    Trip to Circuit De Le Sarthe, Lemans France

    Thanks chris ; yes a long 35 years work of collecting and buildng moldels Some years ago when I was still living and working at Le mans ( On the tecnopole used to be chassis building production manager and others stuff !!) I used to host some collectors or fans and have them visit the circuit...
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    6’ tall 210lbs

    Evidently you need to inform Kit people wth some of your measurations and may be they can do for you some easy "mods" like lowering the floor slightly ( 20 mm can be saved ) and minmising lenght of rods from pedals to mastercylnders Then If you are able to visit them during your kit production...
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    Trip to Circuit De Le Sarthe, Lemans France

    The biggest work on that project was to find for every car some docs , pics and colors !! Specially for prewar racing car models ... and this was done long before Internet existed so reading Le mans books and browsing onto other collectors library etc etc You watched at the second way to show...
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    Trip to Circuit De Le Sarthe, Lemans France

    Hi Sean Hope you enjoyed watching at those show display cabinets of all model cars "in grid"!!!!!!:rolleyes: It have been a work and collect for more than 35 years ......;):) More than 30/100 of those models have been done in scratch as models or even kits where not advaible at that time !!! So...
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    Assembling a Monocoque

    "this is a Swedish GOX car that I made exact from the drawings " " I can from my heart say that it is possible for a amateur to build a car from drawings and get it street legal. " Beside the fact you did an excellent work all along your built and you have done all the necessary very good work...