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    SLC Fuel tank questions.

    Hi All, The last time I posted in was 2013, been a while... Anyhooo, the scratch built car I'm building has a similar tank design to the SLC (I think). Please correct me if I am wrong, from looking at photos... Where the tank is, is not sealed off from the engine bay, but the holes...
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    Cool Engine Build Video. - 11 Months, 3000 pictures and a lot of coffee.
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    OpenFOAM CFD.

    Hi All, I posted this question over on, but there's a different demographic here so I'll ask here also... Currently I'm working overseas from where the car is and we won't be back there for some time so I'm dealing with the enforced separation by working on...
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    The Paddock.

    For some reason The Paddock has shown up again when I hit the 'new posts' button. No matter I should be able to fix that easily enough. But as a result I got suckered into reading some of the crap posted in this part of the site. Wow, there's some angry dudes out there! I think some of you...
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    Fuel Safe Parts.

    Hi All, I was trying to buy some parts from the Fuel Safe website, and their system doesn't like non-USA addresses, anyone know of a good site to go to? Thanks,
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    Bump Steer limits?

    Hello this is my blog post on trying to measure bump steer. Is what I've done / said sensible or goofy?
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    WTB: Corvette Z06 Wheels.

    Hi All, Just thought I'd ask the massive before I spend my cash elswhere... To cut a long story short I need Corvette wheels that'll fit over the brakes below... I think I'm looking at needing Z06 items 18x9.5 on the front and 19x11 on the rear. But I'm flexible on this if you've...
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    My shifter design.

    Hi All, I've come up with this for a shifter design. Fore - Aft The fore - aft movement is a direct push pull onto the cable. The outer of the cable goes forward and loops around to the rear. The outer also moves with the left - right movment of the shifter. Left - right Left - right goes...
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    Audi 012 to Porsche 930 CV Adapter Drawing and question.

    Hi All, Long time no post. Attached is the drawing for the CV adapters I've now made for going from an Audi 012 to Porsche 930 CV's. Now I've got the things in my hand they feel a little light for the job. I'd like to draw on the experience of people that have also made CV adapters to see...
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    Ferrari 250LM Information required.

    Hi All, A buddy at the local car building club is planning to make himself a Ferrari 250LM clone. At the moment he's at the research stage, particuarly trying to get good information on the frame design dimensions and layout, can anyone point me at a good source of information on these? Also...
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    2001 Ferrari F1 Headers

    At the F shop in Singapore airport yours for only S$20,450. I don't think they would have been chromed as fitted for racing? Note The cast sections for bolting to the heads, with two exhaust ports per cylinder. The step in the primaries, this things are huge diameter wise, but I guess they...
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    Corvette C5 Emergency - Parking brake qestions.

    Hi All, OK so I have the rear brakes below which are Corvette C5 Z06 kit I believe, these are going on to C5 uprights. Now I'd like to fit the orginal GM emergency - parking brake but searching the web these don't appear to be the type of parts that show up on Corvette websites. Basically I...
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    Scratch Built Lotus 23

    Hi All, One of the guys from the local car building club brought along his nearly complete Lotus 23. He started this project with a body he'd brought in from Holland, a 175bhp Toyota motor and various other suspension bits he had. The transmission is from a super bug. The rest was done from...
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    Interesting site with 3D Surface models for sale.

    Hi, I found this web site: TYiO Infographie - Home It got 3D surface models of a number of interesting cars including a GT40 and they're for sale, which might (I say might) be of use a scratch builder out there. Lovely models just to loook at in their own right though.
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    Toyota 1UZ-FE Engine to Audi 012 (Porsche G86-00) or 01E Adaptor Kit Available.

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    For people serious about making their own cars...

    For those of you serious about making their own cars, here's the sale for you! For people not in Australia just wait a few weeks and I'm sure there'll be one of these sales in your part of the world too :stunned:
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    C5 Corvette Ball Joint Taper?

    Hi, Can anyone inform me what the taper is on the upper ball joint of a C5 upright? From what I can see it appears to be the same as that for the steering rod end, which from my measurements is 1.4" per foot which would be an odd size so I don't believe it. I think it has to be 1.5" per...
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    Who's Logo?

    The image below shows a logo on some Dynamic Suspensions dampers I have. It doesn't match against the official Shelby website. Can someone throw some light on where it come from?
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    Interesting pictures of Audi R10.

    From looking at the picture below... The spring for the rear suspension are torsion type and there appears to only be the one damper. Very interestingly to me is that the damper appears to act directly from one suspension rocker to the other, therefore it can't be doing any...
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    Here's a question for the lawyers here... Is it possible to write a "Universal Disclaimer"? One that'll hold me free from harm if advice or information that someone might give for free (or possibly charge for) turns out to be incorrect and results in material damage or physical harm to...