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    SLC Fuel tank questions.

    Also the filler neck that bolts to the tank has a rubber flap valve in it to stop fuel going back up the filler hose, mines a Fuel Safe part if I remember correctly, this will help if the filler hose is torn off and you're upside down and... I'll stop there.
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    SLC Fuel tank questions.

    My question on ventilation was about flammable atmosphere buildup, think boat bilges and the like that can explode if the air is not changed. The lines will be stainless hard line as much as possible, the tank has a rollover valve on the vent, which'll go down then up the to the back of the...
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    SLC Fuel tank questions.

    Hi All, The last time I posted in was 2013, been a while... Anyhooo, the scratch built car I'm building has a similar tank design to the SLC (I think). Please correct me if I am wrong, from looking at photos... Where the tank is, is not sealed off from the engine bay, but the holes...
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    F1 in 2013

    Yeah I know the new V6's will be nothing like the old one's, but we can dream about it. The attached paper is a good read.
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    Celebrate!! / Does the Paddock Need to Continue?

    Ah that's the fun bit, whoever you feel like as its your forum ;) Here's what I've seen done on other forum's in a few situations... Situation 1. Person 'A' starts douche thread (i.e. obviously offensive, guaranteed to start a shit fight again or covered a 1000 times already). Mod then locks...
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    Celebrate!! / Does the Paddock Need to Continue?

    Hi Ron, Basically as I feel it does the image of the site no good at all being associated with the some of the posting in The Paddock. IMHO I think you just need a few volunteers to moderate the "guaranteed to cause a shit fight" posts off of the board. Hand out some 3 months bans (seems to...
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    California highest poverty rate in u.s.a.

    Real Information.
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    The Dole.

    Red bananas.. He like them, yeah!
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    The Dole.

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    The Dole.

    The letter was written by Alfred W Evans 1SG, USA(Ret) Gatesville, Texas I don't get why quoting the original source adds or takes anything away from the sentiments expressed, so why do people feel the need to add extra home spun hokiness to these stories? There's plenty of other people on...
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    SLC Match Box Car or Diecast

    Hi Fran, Here's an idea, buy yourself a Makerbot Replicator 2, then you can print off scale models direct from the CAD models you already have, I think 1/16 wold fit easily enough in the thing. Here's the plan charge say $500 a pop for the model, but the buyer gets that back when the buy...
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    83% of u.s. Doctors consider quitting.

    Doctor Patient Medical Association - SourceWatch
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    Cool Engine Build Video. - 11 Months, 3000 pictures and a lot of coffee.
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    A tale of two cities...

    After reading Jim's post I got curious and went and looked at the Glenn Beck piece. I won't comment on what he had to say other than the pictures are of the wrong city! WTF do some freaking research that's the Yokohama Landmark Tower in there the tallest building in Japan! Then he shows...
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    A tale of two cities...

    The pictures of Japan in posts 1 and 6 are of Yokohama, I work in one of the towers roughly in the middle of post 6. Regarding the other pictures of abandoned buildings presumably in the USA. I could take some fairly similar pictures practically within sight of the 'glitzy' Japan pictures. The...
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    OpenFOAM CFD.

    Nothing... :(
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    OpenFOAM CFD.

    Hi All, I posted this question over on, but there's a different demographic here so I'll ask here also... Currently I'm working overseas from where the car is and we won't be back there for some time so I'm dealing with the enforced separation by working on...
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    Le Mans Pre Test Sunday June 3rd.

    I hope Toyota can at least give Audi a run for there money, but probably not this year, cheeses me off big time Peugeot gave up. Looking at videos of the Toyota it appears essentially the engine is bump started after the motors have got the thing rolling? Toyota TS030 Hybrid pit exit - YouTube
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    The Red Back race car

    Hi Chris, There was a special mag done on the construction of this car that I have back in Aus. It was an interesting read, certainly the way the guy went about the design and construction was not how I'd do, but kudos to the man for getting it done. There were obvious points though where...
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    Starting a blog

    I would use — Get a Free Blog Here I run Wordpress as the content engine for my site, Wordpress appears to be the market leader in blog software, unless anyone cares to differ?