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    New RCR transaxle?

    Fran disregard my Trans question in my last email LOL . I assume the griffin trans will work just fine for my motor.:)
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    Rcr mk4

    Hmm Fran whats up??? . I just talked to you today, and you said RHD only ,on the MK IV , hmm i see a LHD . YUM! Is that new for RCR? And where did you get your turbine wheels?? And do the turbines come stock? or special order
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    Superlite Coupe Race Debut

    Fran ! great work on all your hard work , I have viewed ,on this site . Do you guys by chance have some tried and true , tested set ups for the MK I,II and the IV ? In the stock versions? the one that comes when we order one of your Race prepped rollers? And if you guys upgrade parts...
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    Rcr mkiv

    Your car is my desktop , thanks. The sound makes the front of my pant soaking wet, JUST love it.
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    917 drawings

    Anyone make the 9171H body? was looking for one soon Porsche 917 lh martini racing (1970) Wallpaper