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    Lola T70 MK 2 Body's for SALE

    Hi Team So i have gone to get a price on reproducing Lola T70 mk2 body priced he has come back with a price est of between $16,000 NZD and $19,000 NZD depending on type of material used, and how many orders made Includes windscreen The moulds taken of a lola t70 from NZ that now races at Goodwood
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    Body Moulds need new home.

    Hi there I have set of Body Moulds of a lola t70 mkII that i have been told to find a home for. They are taken of a T70 my father restored and owned in New Zealand SL71/31. As he sold the car on me before i could get a drive in it :cry: If any one has a home i will get picture's in next few...