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    WTS: Original BBS wheel for 2006 GT

    eBay would be a good option. I am a Ford GT Forum member and if something valuable and applicable appears on eBay someone with post it with a link to it.
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    FS EU Image BRM6 Centre Lock 17" Wheels & Tyres For Sale - Gulf Arch Specs...

    I would be interested if I knew they fit a Superformance GT40.
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    We need a Florida meet up when it cools off.
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    My, my. New Zealand '40 had a rough day.

    Link does not work but found it on a search. I wonder what brand. Nobody was hurt which is surprising given the pictures of the damage.
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    Gulf Keychain

    I'll take it! Will send PM
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    FS USA GT40 Logo Floor & Sill Mats

    Are these sold?
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    New for SPF- Vent/"Toll" window seal kit much of all of your upgrade/seal goodies to you still have at this point? About to take delivery of a new SPF GT40. Thanks
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    Where in Florida. I'm in Sarasota and I think I just bought the #6 car behind you in that pic....Aluminator 52XS motor. Can't wait to have Dan deliver it.