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  1. J

    Fortyfication, The Tony Hunt Years

    Excellent book gents! Looking forward to sitting down over Christmas to read it.
  2. J

    Sled Driver

    Anyone read it? Worth the $275? The pictures look pretty amazing.
  3. J

    Eric Broadley

    I see he has passed away today. One of the original Ford GT designers. Eric Broadley, Lola founder and F1 designer, dies aged 88 - F1 - Autosport
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    New Website

    Love it! Big improvement.
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    Audi quits Le Mans!

    Audi quits Le Mans and WEC for Formula E | Autocar Bugger!
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    Tool chest

    Halfords have an offer on their industrial tool chests. Halfords Industrial Cabinet and Che...
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    Terrible news and pictures reaching us this morning of the devastation in Oklahoma. Especially the news about the elementary schools and children. My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected.
  8. J

    Vans RV-4/7

    Hi guys, Anyone got any experience of these aircraft? Looking to start one is a few years when my 40 is done. Although I haven't got it past the wife yet. My head says get the 7, but my heart says the 4. So has anyone built/flown/knows some who has done either, and could share their...
  9. J

    Gt Forte For Sale

    Nothing to do with me, but maybe useful to someone. GT40 GT 40 REPLICA PROJECT GT FORTE UNFINISHED MANY PARTS INCL | eBay
  10. J

    Mirror re-silvering

    I know other guys were looking to get their rear view mirrors re-silvered. Have just had mine done at Duttons Glass and Mirrors based in Holloway Road, Birmingham (0121 622 1221). Cost £10+vat, and I'm really pleased with it. So if anyone needs anything re-silvered then try these people...
  11. J

    ZF gearbox on ebay

    Not mine. Just found it while surfing. Pantera GT40 zf 5 ds 25 -2 transaxle gearbox | eBay
  12. J

    Lola Cars

    Looks like its the end of the road for Lola. Lola Cars ceases trading as no buyer comes forward - Other news -
  13. J

    Political forum

    Any chance we could have a separate political forum, where Bob and Jim can discuss the relative merits of communism vs nazism? (Just kidding guys!) That way the rest of us could just chew the fat like we used to, and those who have probably become disillusioned with the paddock of recent...
  14. J

    AP or Wilwood

    Im sure this must have been before, but I'm interested in updated views. So, AP brakes or Wilwood brakes? And why?
  15. J

    Lucas Mirror Mount

    Anyone know where to get one? Theres one on ebay, has anyone got one from this chap? I seem to remember that someone on here used to do them.
  16. J

    Clutch pipe size?

    Out of interest, what size clutch pipe have people installed? I am using a un1 transaxle and full size mustang clutch, so am thinking that 3/16ths might be a bit small.
  17. J

    eBay: Inlet Manifold

    AC/Shelby Cobra , Ford GT40 magnesium alloy inlet manifold, Weber IDAs | eBay
  18. J

    Brake pipe flaring tool

    Anyone have any recommendations? I'm using copper/nickel pipe and my old clamp style tool is just not up to the job. Don't want to spend hundreds if I can help it.
  19. J


    There is an interesting bit at the end of this listing about wheels fitted to P1029. 2 x Borrani original RW3801 Wheels Ferrari 250 dated 02/65 15" x 6.1/2", GT40 ? | eBay
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    One for you Lonesome

    BBC News - Joe Arpaio: Barack Obama birth proof 'may be forged' Where do you find these people?