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    Plenty to see at goodwood

    This was so good to watch
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    Electric GT40
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    Chassis Painting... Paint & Quantity

    I went with one of these And a load of this
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    Souther GT Loom - Dash Illumination

    Is there any chance I could get a copy of these notes too please?
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    Goodwood Revival - 2021

    Did anyone see practise on Friday?
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    302 CAD File
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    need original seat foams and cover

    I am working on these - nearly finished now
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    GT40 seats reply to this, with thanks to alot of help from people in the GT40 community I am definately getting there. There has been alot of looking at photos and working things out and making of prototypes, but I think we are on the final run. I have however hit a bit of a road block, so I...
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    Scratch Build of Jag XJ220 Replica

    I hope this gets to stay! I would love to see where this goes
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    Electric GT40 replica

    Depends on where you live - you can get away with it if you expect it to be garaged etc (which I would imagine it would be) - anything over say 8ish deg C the cells should be able to generate enough heat to get themselves into a happy zone without plating themselves to death!
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    Electric GT40 replica

    Its more the heat from the batteries you have to deal with - they like to be kept around 30/40 deg C........
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    Electric GT40 replica

    I have thought about it - Southern GT chassis with cells in the sills and filling the space remaining in the engine bay once you get in inverters etc. Cooling is going to be really important
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    Professional Car Inspection.

    I will send you the contact details of the perfect person for this!
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    UK Based Car Trimmer

    One of the guys from my previous post broke off and started his own firm - Maxx Trimming - you can find them on facebook or just give Ben a ring on 07340 218214 to get a quote
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    UK Based Car Trimmer
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    Ford GT40 Factory Blueprints Chassis plans from Ford Advanced Vehicles

    If you fancy doing a bit of a trade, I am after details on a couple of areas, maybe we could swap a couple of drawings for some parts CADed up in return?
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    Has anyone heard from Andrew Booth of ???

    Ok Phew, glad to hear it! Thanks for all your replies Shaun
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    Has anyone heard from Andrew Booth of ???

    I was working on some things with Andrew, he has always been a tricky man to track down due to all his commitments, however his phone has been cut and he is not replying to emails? More out of concern than anything else, has anyone heard if he is ok?