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    Graziano air gap

    I'm getting ready to mate the transaxle & motor, but wanted to check here first if anyone knows the proper air gap between the throwout bearing and pressure plate fingers?
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    Costello’s GT-R / SC Coyote Build

    On a rainy Saturday a couple weeks ago I took delivery this beautiful GT-R. Video walk around As I’m pretty new to the forums, I wanted to first convey my thanks to those that got me this far and give a brief intro. So big thanks to Fran and crew at RCR for making such a quality product...
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    Mike in Bucks County, PA

    Looking forward to joining this great group of builders, owners and enthusiasts. I hope to kick off a build thread for GT-R #16 in the coming months. Beyond excited to start my first build. Couldn’t be happier with the GT-R package or doing business with Fran @ RCR, both are top notch.