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    UN1 Clutch Slave?

    Does anyone know of a supplier of new clutch slaves in the UK? I am thinking of planning a group buy with DeLorean to get half a dozen or so shipped to the UK at a reasonable price, but was wondering if there was anywhere that i could get one here already. Thanks.
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    UK Renault Parts

    Hi, In my car is a 2.2L 8V Renault engine, which to be honest has seen better days. Does anyone know if; The engine can improveon its performance easily? If the 2.0 12V head will fit the 2.2 block without clearance issues? What the cause of my oil pressure problem could be? 3 - is probably...
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    Something different

    Hello, Well, ive got something different, which i know isnt a GT40, nor is it supposed to be, but it is mid engined and may well ave been inspired by the GT40. Its called an "AGT", which was apparently a kit very similar to the american Mullen M11. The particular one i have, seems to have a...