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    DigiDash & senders ?

    I am helping Mesa with the wiring on on his car. It's time to connect the senders. Planning on oil pressure sender to go into the Accusump line. Water temperature sender is going on the passenger side radiator. I'm wondering where to put the oil temperature sender? It is a wet sump with Accusump...
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    Weather Pack connectors and high temp sheathing

    Hello, I am wondering who has found the best(cheapest) source for weather pack connectors? I also am wondering what you guys suggest for high temp sheathing. We will be running some wires dangerously close to the exhaust pipes. The stuff I looked at was rated pretty well but they have a hundred...
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    Isis config sheet and software?

    Has anybody gotten the config sheet from Isis for an SLC? I am looking for a link to the software to customize the Master or power cell too? Their web site talks about it, but does have a link to download the software.