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    More Global Cooling/Warming/Change hoax.

    The debate in the scientific community regarding is climate change significant (yes) and man-made (yes) is long, long over. Looooooong over. Sure, once in a while there's somebody in the scientific community that still questions it, but the vast, vast (like 95%+) of the scientific community...
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    GT40 replica prices

    Seems to me that the percentage of the population that knows how to build or self-maintain a kit car is shrinking. Hanging out in the garage messing with cars and various tools just isn't the norm these days. Instead, the parents are surfing their favorite websites and the kids are glued to...
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    Mating an O1E Transaxle with a 302SBF

    The 01E is a compact and cost efficient transaxle for a 302, and it also weighs less than other choices. About 115lbs with shifter mechanism. Either limited slip or torque bias diffs are available, and not expensive. It also shifts pretty easily with not a lot of effort required. Adapter...
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    Engine you guys should know about....

    Yeah, that's quite an engine. If I recall right, it's specific output is something close to or exceeding 100hp/litre. Not as torquey as a built out SB/BB Ford but sure would sound good going down the road. The electronics might be a handful though. Pretty complicated harness/brain with a...
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    Difference between a heat exchanger and Oil cooler

    Not sure if this is much help....but in any case. I have a twin-turbo V12 engine in my Mercedes. The "charge coolers" for each side are very nicely made aluminum boxes with a small radiator inside through which the cooled coolant flows to cool the incoming compressed intake charge. Recently...
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    FS USA Fresh G50 01/02 5-speed Transaxle

    Sounds like a good transaxle Steve. And the price is?
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    Getting trans plate to align with rear engine mounts

    Joel, just my $.02 but I'd be tempted to split the difference/mis-alignment on bot the bracket and on the plate. Of course, I have a lathe and milling machine and all the necessary bits and fittings to do that which makes it relatively easy. Alternatively, as Neil said, if you have the...
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    Weber IDF

    Hi Wilhelm, very cool looking set of IDFs! One question, are these a matching set of IDFs? Thanks
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    Correct bolts/screws to attach trans adapter plate to GM Engine

    Ditto what Neil said. Hopefully you found some Grade 8 equivalent type cap head bolts, with a finish other than black oxide. The yellow zinc holds up well. McMaster tends to have a pretty good selection including finishes other than just black oxide. I wouldn't buy bolts off of...
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    Selling immediately after building?

    I don't have an SLC so discount this for what it's worth (probably not much).... If you're coming from an lp640 then you're going to find just about any of the component car options a very, very big change. An SLC or GT40 or anything similar won't have anywhere near the level of fit and finish...
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    Vacuum pumps.

    This one works well. From a modern corvette.
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    More Global Cooling/Warming/Change hoax.

    This is just so old and tired... I propose the moderators close this thread and bury it.
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    GT40 For Weekend Cruiser

    Compared to most other exotics....that tend to at least have some modest amount of storage space and creature comforts....the GT40 is not a good weekend cruiser. If by "weekend" you mean overnight, it pretty much bites. Doors don't lock, windows don't roll down, zero storage, very loud inside...
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    Pros and cons stroker kit for 302?

    Just my $.02 here. I have had 302's, 331's and 347's...all in various states of tune, carbs, injection, basic stock and also with better (forged) pistons/rods/etc. Have worked on putting these together myself, not paying someone else to do the hard work so my experience is 1st hand. The 347...
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    Stiff Throttle

    Mitch, your 90 degree bell crank (throttle cable to weber throttle arm) doesn't look ideal. Your initial pull is at quite an aggressive angle. I would consider using a throttle cable wheel rather than just a bell crank. This tends to lessen the initial pressure needed and provide for a...
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    Squeaky brakes

    I've had good luck with the EBC Greenstuff pads - no squeal using both Brembo calipers and also Hispec calipers. Might be worth a try. Good advice here - chamfer the leading edge of the pad...this puts the center of effort a bit farther to the rear of the piston center and can help. The RTV...
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    GT109 at the Orlando Festival of Speed

    Beautiful car. Thanks for posting the pics here Pat.
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    Looking for an affordable body. No longer looking

    I've got a used body you can take off my hands if I can find a suitable replacement. It's an original body - vintage 1967, has a lot of miles on it with a lot of scrapes and dents, one bad knee and two eyes that don't see as well as they used to......
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    More Global Cooling/Warming/Change hoax.

    On the contrary Larry, there are very viable means to move away from fossil fuel based transportation right now. As in now, immediately. Just for example, the technology behind EV cars has progressed tremendously over the past several years and there are very viable means at both the personal...
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    McLaren M20#73

    Fantastic work there Andy, looking good. Keep the pics coming.