100 Most Influential Cars of All Time

A Melbourne newspaper recently had an article where the motoring journo listed his top 100 most inflential cars of all time. Interestingly the GT40 came in at 29 which was either 1 ahead or 1 behind the Ferrari Enzo. The new Ford GT came in at about 85. Even more interesting the article had a picture of a Roaring Forties car (the blue and white "ORSM40" car that is featured ontheir website which is indeed an AWESOME 40) which they had captioned as being the new Ford GT. I believe the photo must have been taken the day they did an article on Roaring Forties about 2 years ago featuring the same car.

For interest the Model T was number 1.



Jim Rosenthal

most influential car, Ford Model T

More importantly for us, it established the Ford name and fortune, thus permitting the existence of the GT40 decades later....sort of like the chicken is the egg's way of making another egg.