$10k Ls-3 vs. Coyote

I haven't looked into the coyote engine and compared cost/performance but the ls376/525 is a pretty damn good value!

Maui Brandhoff

I'm a Ford guy too but you can't beat the LS3 for the money I wish Ford would have built the Coyote with 6.0L I don't get it why they choose 5.0 with this great engine design
No Replacement For Displacement

Will Campbell

Truly, we live in amazing times. You can buy a 650 HP crate engine, with a warranty, for just $12,199.

If I were building another SL-C, or a GT-R, I'd be thinking about this one. You'd have to work up the dry sump and intercooler details, but it's pretty amazing for that much power, and with OEM levels of refinement and economy.
I grew up with Mustangs and Cougars. I really wanted to put a Ford block in the SLC, but it just didn't make sense. Sure, LS is old school push rod and has tons of torque to deal with in the corners, but its cost effective and reliable as hell. Plug and Play LS will bring you over to the GM camp (dark side).