I have no idea of the age of my tyres. I know they were stored in a loft for a few years. No cracks, still nice and soft but no date, sorry.
Need them gone so open to offers.
Here's how to find the date on those tires. Look for the DOT numbers, find the four numbers at the end of the code. The last two numbers are the year of production, the first two is the week it was produced in that year. So a 1405 end code would designate a tire that was produced in 2005 on the 14th week of the year, so about end of March/first week of April...

Paul Hendrickx

forgot: while youre tyres in the picture having the "E4" markings ,means they where sample tested in Holland and comply with european rules so the date is on it
if they are before 1996 when markings in europe became compulsory they may not have a date
hope they are les than 22years old.