1964 Ford GT in 1/24 Scale

I am considering purchasing the Profile 24's Ford GT has anyone built this kit? What is it like?
Any help would be great. Rene'
I assembled some profil 24 kits, and my last one was Dauer 962 LM winner(also cause drove by Alboreto..so this is a MUST for me).
All I can say u is that Profil 24 kits are surely for skilled modellers, being all casted in resin,and as many of this kinda kits u have to scratchbuild some details.
The result is anyway stunning, also cause they are able to provide some very great detail(as the rusted finishment of the leather seat of race cars),and also the decals sheets usually are welldone too(done by Cartograf, that is today staus of the art in decal sheets).
Be just careful if u use 3 component resin paints for the usually glossy finish varnish car modellers want in cars, because Profil resin sometimes rect to them.
They are great models anyway, and surely u will enjoy assembly them.
I personally do not buy Profil 24 Fort gt cause i do not like the specific version they make,and also cause it is possible some other manifacturer will make it in plastic (cheaper and better at all for scale reduction).


Doc Watson

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Got to www.gt40.cc and look in the kits section..... I'm building a fujami 1/24 Mk 1 and you can get excellent resin engine and trans kits for the model. The cutting out of the doors etc was a nightmare but worth it..... if only I had more time.....I've also got the photo etched pats for the kit and I think I'm going a bit overboard on the scale thing but its keeping me occupied until the working 1:1 scale arrives.

Doc Watson
I have one of the Fujami kits. Who makes the engine and other bits? I don't think I'd try to make the doors open, but an engine upgrade sounds good.
I am making a diorama of the '66 LeMans start including the first 15 cars. I have found a lot of detail info for the top view of the cars: color, bubbles, MKI, MK II etc. but none for the bottom view chassis, suspension colors. I read where #1 was blue and have a photo of #2 with no paint? I have found Fujimi kits for #1, 2, 3, 5, all the rest I have to find info and make from other kits mainly Revell. Found info on the quick lift jacking points "The Ford that beat Ferrari". Any help would be appreciated.
Hello Modelers...

I realize that I am coming into the conversation rather late, but I wanted to add that Slotracing Werk (in Germany) offers some excellent decals for the Fujimi GT40 Mk II. These decals allow the modeler to replicate LeMans 1966 "Team" cars 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8.

They also stock a selection of Mk I decals from various events that are sized for the Fujimi Mk I kits. They offer such teams as Essex Wire, Scuderia Bear, Gulf Team Wyer, Scuderia Fillipinelli, Comstock Racing etc.

Here is the page with decal information and illustrations: Slotracing Werk Online Shop - im Scaleracing Aktiv seit 1993

The site is all in German but fairly easy to navigate. Submit an order and they send you a PayPal invoice.

Best of luck building your replicas.