1966 scrutineering (tech) decal?

In 1966 le mans, where was the tech inspection decal placed? Does the photo show one possible location? That is if in fact the tech inspection decal. Has anyone reproduced the 66' decal?
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May be some informations for you to understand more about scruteneer logos at le mans ;
1/on years 50's there where only some rondos on some cars

2/the real scrutineering stickers (sticked outside the car speaking) started in 1973 and each years until now they changed colors and printing , on those the group ( say category ) of the car where printed

So to my knowledge ( 50 years of le mans work ....) in 66 there where no outside stickers ?????
May be inside of the car some little label was sticked but am not sure ( today being Chritsmas day am not able to check this on my archives !!!!Family first ! LOL)

Hope this helps