1966R CAV GT40 original owner **SOLD**

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Purchased in 2000 to be completed as father and son project. Son passed away in 2006 and car remained in storage until 2015.
Has just been completed with test drive miles only. Engine build by Central Coast Mustang in 2003 (see build sheet) 342 CI, fuel injection by Kinsler
FI and was port matched to AFR 185 cc heads. Transaxle is new RBT ZF 5 speed unit. Ram aluminum flywheel.Centerforce clutch is Dual Friction, 1 1/16 in.- 10-Spline, 10.4 in. Diameter with matching dual friction pressure plate. External clutch slave cylinder from Pantera Performance. EFI is accel ECU and electronic distributor controlled.
Drive train assembly and installation by BPSi racing.
Final tune by AUTOTRENDS EFI in Diamond Springs, CA.
All gauges changed to US readings, all switches are correctly labeled.
Dual gas tanks independently control with separate fuel pumps and filters.
Electric vacuum boost for power brakes.
Exceptional body fit and finish. Windows are Plexiglas with slider, Air conditioning serviced by Micon Auto and is extremely cold.
Aluminum fabrication work by East Bay Muscle Car.
Car runs cool at any temperature.
4 wheel disk brakes and knock off rims from factory, extra set of rims with slicks from a superformance cobra are included with car.
Total investment of over $110,000.00 not including the completion hours.
Dealer plate borrowed for tuning, car has never been registered.
Bill Todd 925-457-9001
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Hmmm Not to alarm you, but that looks just like the one some guy overseas, but the car was in South dakaota was trying to sell for $40,000 (Yes the price was a red flag, but hey :) ). With the same pictures. I erased the licence tag.


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Still available? I am seriously interested. I live in Phoenix, easy to come over and look. Thanks.


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Advertised in late 2015 with only 3 posts (all on this thread) from Bill Todd, I'm guessing sold, but hey there's a telephone number listed!
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