1984 Alba GTP AR3-001 ex MOMO Team car - Sold

I e-mailed forum moderator to see if this would be ok and never heard back so here goes.
1984 ALBA GTP chassis AR3-001 ex Moretti MOMO 84 team car ( w/Cosworth DFV), then ran by Ira Young in Malibu Grand Prix colors ( w/ Mazda 13B)

The tub is all carbon fiber, never crashed, no delamination, titanium roll cage. Car is complete with 29 wheels/ spare tail and side pods comprehensive spares package- uprights suspension etc. Nose mold and under wing (tray) mold. Currently fitted with Buick Camel light engine with Cosworth DFV/X pumps.

Car needs completed, body work remounted / painted , much small misc details.

My reason for posting here is the large number of mechanically competent folks on this forum. This not a beginners project but it is not rocket science either. I believe there are folks here that could make relatively short work of this.
I restored many Chevrons, several Lolas a few Plastic Porsches F5000 and Indycars and this is the last piece i saved for myself.
Complete history, spares list etc are all available, the car is currently in storage in Bedford Ohio USA.
This is not a kit or a rendition. It is a documented purpose built racing car and I'm not sure i would consider it for street use, but that's up to the next owner.
It is a unique piece of history being the first carbon chassied coupes produced. Alba won the C2 world Championship in 83 with an identical chassis.

Asking $125k US

Private message or four four zero 785-1962 for further details

Spare Buick 4.5 and large Buick IMSA engine spares available separately.

Thank you Bryan.


Randy V

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Your Email / PM was never rec’d by me.
Gold Support level is all you need to sell a car in here.
Carry on and good luck with your sales...
Thank you Randy, I wanted to be respectful regarding the forum. I will put up additional info and pictures this evening, Bryan.
I had a couple calls today and wanted to put up some additional information based on their questions.
I purchased the Alba in 1997 From Rex Ramsey who ran it in a few IMSA camel light races after Ira Young had the car.
The transmission is a Hewland DG 300, there are some additional gears and parts for this in the spares.
The Buick engine in the car currently was built by Jim Wright at Brayton Engineering. I believe it is a 3.4L. Kinsler manifold,Buick Injection, Cosworth Slimline Water and Oil pumps as used on Cosworth DFV/X engines. This a tall deck Buick racing engine as used for the first generation Indy engines, Trans Am, Indy Light, Camel Light engines.
Some additional pictures. Thanks for the interest, Bryan.


Hi Bryan, a friend of mine has an Alba AR2. He's looking for transmission clutch parts and some electronics. I wonder if you might have anything or know who might. Thanks
Bryan, I just realized that your Alba is the car John Robarge bought. It s an AR3 no 1. He may have already contacted you. If he has I apologize.