2.0 Litre V6 Dino Engine - Transaxle Ideas ?


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I am thinking of fitting a spare ZF/2 to the back of a nice 2 litre alloy Dino V6 engine but before I start working on a bellhousing I might be interested in a compact alternative 5 speed transaxle perhaps something cheaper like a VW unit ?
Ideas appreciated.
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Wowwww !! you have an 2 litre Dino v6 ?????? Lucky man ..... I just achieved a 246GT project and by the lack of sourcing a Dino engine I fit an Alfa V6 !!!!
So it's a2 litre ; Is it a formula 2 engine ? From what I am aware Fiat Dino and 246 Dino where 2;5 liter engines ?????

Cheaper like a VW ; Could you try a renault UN1 one (plenty of them on car breaker around there I presume and for very small euros !! :rolleyes: )
Eventualy an Audi V8 one ?
Much more pricy ( around 100/1500 euros) you could source a 915 porsche where flipping the crown wheel is still possible and much more lighter than the bigger G50
Evidently for those choices you will have to go for modified Bell housings :p
Oups !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I didn't realised before to reply that a ZF2 is an back ward shaft !!!!!!!!!
Is that right ????????????????
If so the fiat Dino isn't a solution ??????


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It's an early 2 litre Fiat Dino 206 engine in alloy issued before they revised the block to the cast iron 246.
It's been lying around for several years and instead of tripping over it regularly, I am sending it out for new iron cylinder shells and I will rebuild it.
It has a lot of lighter magnesium Ferrari parts with it and also Spyder sump.
Making a bellhousing casting is no problem for me.
Dino 206 Engine Parts.jpg
Very very nice engine for sure
So what sort of transmission you do need? side output flange ( like VW) of rear( like ZF2) ????????????


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Usual side output like the Tipo transaxle shown.
The racers had inboard brakes but that might be too much engineering and ££££s for me.
Tipo Transaxle 1.jpg
OK Understood
So cheaper solution will be UN1 renault gearbox fr many reasons
1/ you can find those (as base very cheap )
2/ there are so many possibilities to increase reliability because many updating parts are avaible ( this UN1 is also used by GT40 builders

Depending on how much Hp you are planning to get fron the engine you can also use a VW cox as a base and then update the gear box as I did for the lotus 23 so this gearbox replicate an Hewland Mk8 ( you can easily found second hand side plate which include casting provison for inbord brake
And you could also drive the alternator thru the end cover doing a very very easy mod ( eventally could help you with some engineering for those mods)
Pro for this solution is you can easily with very reasonable cost relicate similar setup of the pic you posted ( cv joints , brakes and alt )
Con ; power will be limited to 180 Hp max

So another solution for200hp and more will be the 911 early 915 gearbox with ( if you have access to pattern and foundry ) bespoke side plates done
( could friendly help also with engineering !!!;)) cv joints are similar to the ones in your pics
I used one of those on the 907/8 project and am more than happy with ( fitted an LSD and an hydraulic release bearing )
Yes I understood what you had in mind !!!!!!! ;)
I have been browsing this guy site for 7 monthes !!!!! as I was telling you I just achieved a body , chassis and welded replica supensions including uprights for a 246 GT but upset by the price of remaining components and the work to produce to achieve the car ( and also a personal other reason)
i did last saturday a "shed cleaning" in doing a swap with agood friend for this unfinished project !!!! look at the departure :p

coming back to your project 200 hp will be quite a lot for the small VW case transformed in hewland Mk8 !!!!!!
There is acompany doing a taller hewland gearbox replica that will suit perfectly to your 206 project which is the FT 200 but very very pricy !!!!! ( more than 8000 euros
So the renault UN solution or the 915 Porsche are the road to follow ; with some drawing work brake could be added quite easily with not so much cost

Your engine was adirect fit to my 246 project !!!!! LOL ( I enventually knew where to buy a brand new casting for the dino gearbox casing !!)


Watching more precisly to the pic of that 206 sp the Hewland they use is very very similar to the FGA or The FG400 I was using on the LOLA T298 I raced and drove so many years at 24h of le mans
Nowaday an FG400 remanufactured ( or second hand !!) is from 12000 to 15000 euros !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you been on the site of a UK manufacturer of 246gt named De Haviland ; for long time they are advertising doing an 206sp kit !!! there are
some pics on the site showing some work in process onto a body plug !!;)


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Thank you for all your help and I am sorry to see that you have had to let your 246.GT project go. I bet it was tough seeing it off on the trailer.
Did you put up a build log on here ?

If I were to start on 206sp I would have to go the same route as Jim Cowden and get an alloy body.

So today I have been looking around at the Hewland stuff and found this informative sheet.

After reading it I contacted a mate who owns a Chevron B16 and he has plenty of FT200 and MK9 spares, he also has a couple of used Hewland cases and he is going to help me out with some bits or point me to the right place for a long gear train.
I reckon this might be more economical than tying up an expensive ZF.


Thanks for that, it's a nice box and I do like the flat front on the input face which makes it simpler to make up an adapter to fit the Dino block. Much easier and neater looking than me messing with the Porsche 915 type castings.
I think that one (at racecars.com) might be 4 speed and you will definitely want the 5 speed whether ld200 or Mk9 . At 70 odd lbs they are both in keeping with the light weight of the 206.
No I haven't plan to do any build log for the 246 ....

If you have that good friend helping you with a MK 8/9 casing this is the plan to go ; you are talking FT200 too that will be the best solution
if he can provide an old casing that will be the optimal solution ( FT200 is ok from 200 hp to 300 hp !!)
If not the Mk9 could be ok if you do not run large tires and if you do frequently a quick survey of dogrings and gears ; disassembling the rear end casing take only 10 mn !!! we used to change ratios on formula ford in less than 15 mn !!!!!!!!
( you could also use a small electric oil pump and small radiator to minimise gearbox temp and wear
If that the case and you need parts just contact Elite transmission they have all you need for the Mk gearbox and very very reasonable prices ( very competitive VS Taylor , PDS or others suppliers)

Interesting you are talking about doing the body in aluminium ;
You will need a wood buck or watever thick composite body to hammer sheets onto ?
Hudge work !!! but so nice ..............................
While we are on the Dino thread. I also have this lying in a box. It really needs an original GB and transaxle for the plan I had, if anyone has one lying around :) Like everything else I own these days, money will get it.