2017 Classic Motor Show, NEC, 10-12 November

Hi all

We have secured a stand in the Premium Hall again, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Porsche.

The show theme is 'Family Values', so we're hoping to have at least one non-GT40 period Ford sports car on the stand too.

Andrew Komosa has kindly offered to have his car on the stand. Would anybody else like to do so? Ideally we need 4-5 other GT40's

We also need volunteers to man the stand. Anybody with a bit of technical knowledge (and the ability to sell t-shirts!) would be most welcome.


Hi Darren, I'm sure it'll be the usual spectaculous display. I'm hoping Sid Taylor can join us to look at the car and take some photographs. Sid Taylor Racing owned 1001 in 1967 and that's his colourscheme the bodywork has reverted too.
Unfortunately I can't help out on the stand this year as I'm committed to another event (not car related) that's on the same 3 day's.
If you've ever considered helping out on the Club stand, then stop considering and contact Darren. You'll have a fantastic time and be part of a great crew. Plus the show is mind bending to behold.
Go on ...... do it !!!!!
This may not happen now due to lack of cars / manpower on the stand, please let us know if you can help out otherwise we'll have to cancel,

Ian Anderson

Lifetime Supporter
Hey Paul

I offered Darren the Dax!

From exquisite of Andrews to a basic build.

I can do Saturday and Sunday flying down from Scotland and no doubt someone would volunteer to drive the car up!

We don't have anyone that is organising the event and not enough to man the stand either.
I believe there are enough cars available though.
I Paul
Yes, really lacking on volunteers to man the show. Cars I am aware of are Andrew Komosa, Ian Anderson & Andy Green, plus a Zephyr.
We really need to let the show know if we are pulling the plug!
You can't pull it, I've been waiting eight years to display my car! For what it's worth, Debbie and I will be there, probably Fri, Sat and Sun. Andrew
Tony Gallagher, who was around in the old days and knows absolutely everyone who raced back in the day, is willing to man the stand for all three days. He's a recent club member. Andrew
The next Committee Meeting is to take place at the NEC on Friday 10th November.....
This should make sure that there will be Maximum Manpower available on this day?

Pleased to advise that the Club's presence at the CMS at the NEC in November is now agreed in principle. There is an organisational agreement and we believe we will be able to secure enough people & cars to make the show a success.

More information will be forthcoming very soon but for now be assured The GT40 EC will be there.
Thank goodness! We are hoping to get Sid Taylor in attendance. He owned GT40P/1001 in 1967 when Denis Hulme and Frank Gardner drove it. Thanks to everyone for their hard work.. Andrew

Ian Anderson

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Can someone please update this

If I am needed I need to book air tickets
If my car is needed I need to arrange to get it driven up

I am in Edinburgh and the car near Heathrow, but also have the auditors in the week it starts so can only do Saturday and Sunday

Please let me know