2019 Formula 1

Bill Kearley

GT40s Supporter
I think Vettel stepped over the line, just a bit. He knew what he was doing and took a chance and it backfired. I still like him, an asset to the sport.
F1 can be a bore at times. This was a bit of entertainment.

Dave Hood

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Most races are very boring these days. The person who is leading at the first corner usually wins. Not a very competitive field. Vettel was okay until he pulled into the right hand racing lane blocking Hamilton's car. At least the incident created some entertainment. Something that is lacking in most F1 races.

Larry L.

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Most races are very boring these days. The person who is leading at the first corner usually wins...
'Usually no ROOM to pass even if one had the h.p. to do so. A race course that's only 10 feet wide (exaggeration...in case someone failed to recognize it) turns any race into nothing more than a high speed parade.

Howard Jones

The bureaucrats ruined the best race of the year. If the best two cars/drivers are not allowed to race then what's the point. I watch NASCAR because they race each other hard. I really don't like tracks, the points system, most of the drivers or the cars but I watch because passes are made for the lead. You know...………………..racing.

F1 might as well award points for qualifying and then go home. It's the only part of the weekend that is interesting nowadays.

But having said all that. Seth knowing the way things are done should have picked his spot to let Luis back by (first 20% of the longest straight) and then took the remaining 20 laps or so to pass him back.

Joel K

I’ve been watching F1 for 30 years and still find the series very entertaining. IMO F1 has been more about the ebb and flow of the top teams and how the cars are improved to be more competitive over time and not one race to the next. Some races are fabulous while other can be boring but all in all between practice, qualifying, the technology, and the competition between the drivers on the sames teams it remains my favorite series.

I was at the Canadian Grand Prix and every practice session, qualifying, and the race were all interesting and entertaining.

I thought the stewards blew the call, it was just a racing incident and Hamilton’s car was not damaged so let the guys race, but was still exciting.

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
I'm conflicted. Considering SV ran off the track forcing the driver behind him to brake in order to avoid a collision (and that the other driver would have passed him had SV not come back across the track on re-entry, and giving SV the benefit of the doubt on "where was I to go?", SV should have relinquished the lead, and taken it back later (if it was possible). The only reason Hamilton's car (and SV's) wasn't damage was because of Hamilton backed off when need not, and nothing to do with SV. SV made a mistake, and would have paid for it either in a collision, a pass, or a penalty.

Jeff Young

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Supposedly the stewards had data to suggest Vettel moved over to block once he got back on track. I don't know. Looked like a racing deal to me. I'm a Hamilton fan but that is a crazy way to win.