302 Oil Pan

The title kind of says it all. What are you using for oil pan for 302? I have a 67 302 out of a mustang and the stock oil pan is pretty deep. Just researching what others have done..
If you're doing any kind of real spirited driving....you should use a baffled large capacity pan. Don't use the stock pan for any kind of track event...just my $.02. If you do, oil starvation could be a real issue.

There's a number of good pan makers out there who do a nice job of baffled large capacity pans....Moroso, Aviaid, etc. They're reasonably priced and worth it.

Personally, I have a Moroso 7.5-quart rear sump pan with baffles. Pretty happy with the quality and fit/finish.

Kevin Box

Canton 15-630 is also an option Front Sump Road race oil Pan
15-644 is a rear sump
Both have 4 gates and good oil control

Rod Dittmar

The Aviaid I have on my engine has 4 gated baffles, side baffles and a top one over all the others. However, I had to modify an outside corner to allow for starter fitment. Hopefully the engine won't mind a few oz. less oil.