302 to Audi Adapter Plate Supplier

Despite many hours of trawling the net and this forum, i still can't find a supplier of an Audi transaxle to Ford 302 adapter plate, flywheel, clutch and starter. I feel a bit stupid, because the threads i've read seem to make out that its pretty simple to find a supplier!

So can anyone help me with some tips on who to talk to? I'm in the UK, but, it's fine if i end up having to ship it half way across world, i just want to get hold of one and move on with my project.

So thanks in advance guys!
KEP in California USA makes this adaptor. I bought one of the first ones they did and they have them listed in their catalog.
Hi Bram,

Not GTS myself, but, a local Panther 7 owner, now taken on the blank sheet of paper rebuild/redesign of very old KVA 40.

So thanks everyone for the help. I've at least got some options for supply.

Quick thing you actually haven't said is which type of Audi.

If its an 016 than KEP will work just fine.

If its an 01E/X then you will need to get someone like Helix to make a new friction plate for you. Don't know if the CAV is for 016 oe 01E.

I modified my KEP to work

Also, I know that Fran also does an 01E to 302 kit.


PS make sure you have a slave cylinder that you canconnect to!!
Thanks Brett,

Who is Fran? Do you have any contact details?

I have the 01X box. Any contct details for Helix?

Thanks again you've all been very helpful.

Sorry its taken a few days to reply, been busy in work, so Icouldn't get access to my files at home.

You can contact Helix here: Helix-Autosport – Performance Clutches and Flywheels for Race, Rally & Road

I have attched the diagramI sent to Terry when they did my clutch for me

I have the 01X box like you. Have replied to your PM, give me a call if you want to talk or come and have a look what I have done so far.