302W GT40 for sale


Hello guys,

I have a beautifully build GT40 for sale here in Durban, South Africa. It was a scratch build, by an experienced and very skilled fabricator.
(this is his 3rd GT he built) I have hundreds of foto's to show of the details and engineerning and fabrication quality.

The bodywork itself took the builder a year to complete, and you will not find a better finished body then this one.
Tight panel gaps everywhere, doors closing properly and aligning properly, the back of the panels are as beautifully finished as the outside etc. etc.

I'll start with this post, with just a few overview pictures, and i'll start adding more and more detail pictures over the course of the next few days.
You'll see the car also has a few tricks up its sleeve by the way.

The color is a Ford Mustard Olive by the way, no decals all painted.
Being sold from SA, it can be a very very attractive price for the US market, get in touch!



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Thanks Jim,

Pricing we are looking for 1.300.000 SA-rands which equates to about 92.000 US.
Location is Durban - South Africa.

Gearbox has shifter linkage, not cable!

Pedal assembly is easily adjustable front and back.

Engine bay
engine bay.JPG

Front brake booster etc.JPG

Front radiators.JPG

front suspension.JPG


The 'tricks' on the car

- It carries a full spare tire, and you can carry your flat home on the back of your car. This car was build as a reliable street-car, hence this feature.
Spare tyre.jpgCBCO1405.JPGGNGD5765.JPG

- the dashboard to car electrical wiring can be unplugged with 1 plug. An extension cable is available, so you can run the car with the dash on your workbench. Very handy, and everyone working underneath the dash of a GT40 know exactly what i'm on about.

- The car comes with a second set of doors, that are very easily swapped. (no tools required). These doors are without window/frame, and give the GT40 a lovely roadster feel when driving.
roadster doors.JPG


Thanks Andy, please spread the word.. The builder is on to his next GT40 build, and wants someone else to enjoy this one.. I too am very impressed with the build quality and engineering details. OCD-levels of time were put into this build.