48 Ida linkage

Mark Boyers

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I am just building up my 48 Ida carbs and manifold ,I have ended up with a center mount bell crank for a rear pull cable,I would like a side pull cable on the drivers side (English car) so if anybody has any pictures of side pull setups I could look at so I can decide wether to modify what I have or start from scratch that would be very helpful

Regards mark

Doc Watson

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I've got an original linkage system for mine, the bearing blocks and bearings are new the crank is original got it from John Wisher (IIRC) about 12 years ago.

The crank runs the length of the engine and requires custom crank arms on the webers to ensure each 'bank' of IDA's open and close at exactly the same rate.

Also a photo of my webers and minifold, my webers all face the same direction. links from webers to central crank is by adjustable rod ends (left and right threaded to allow adjustment.

I had to write a computer program to get the correct weber crank geometry......I have a pic of the webers crank and adjusters somewhere on this site cant find it at the mo......


Mark Boyers

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Hi Andy thanks for the reply ,my setup is a little different but the more bits and parts I look at the more chance I have of coming up with a solution, hopefully one of the admin guys will point me in the right direction to post pics soon then I can crack on with the solution ,I would like sort before I sit on the motor,

Regards mark
I think that you can do away with the bell-crank and the short connecting rod that goes to the first carb, fabricate a new cable bracket so that the cable pulls the lever of the first carb and then everything should work using the existing linkages.


Mike Drew

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Fwiw, I had a friend with Webers on his 351C on a Pantera and it drove him nuts. He could never get it to idle consistently. He had a hell of a time syncing them too.

Turns out that his intake and linkage were all aluminum. As the engine heated up the aluminum would expand, things would grow and it would slightly pull the butterflies open and the idle speed would climb 1000 rpm higher!

Mark Boyers

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Thanks for that mike ,the motor will be of to Dyno as soon as it’s built and the carbs will set up by a guy who looks after a lot of Weber’s so I am confident that it will be sorted ,just want to sort the linkage before it goes so the time is spent turning and not dicking about sorting linkages out

Cheers mark

Mark Boyers

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Ok the dyno day went really well,no problems all run in and 14 pulls ,from the start of the first pull to the last there was a 80 hp gain so in the end with a nice mild cam we made 400hp and 430 fpt
The throttle post performed well so thanks for all the help and inspiration
Now the motor is built back to building ,header tank for a friends car

Regards mark and Sam