50 GT40s Photoshoot.

Dear Members,

Our Club needs your cars!!! We are planning a rather special photoshoot to commemorate 50 years since the first Le Mans GT40 win in 1966.
The photo shoot will take place in the early afternoon of 20th September at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground and ideally will, we hope, consist of 50 GT40s in the shape of the number 50.
I’ve attached a very rough mock up of what we are trying to create with an aerial shot.
If we cannot get the 50 cars needed then we have contingency plans to make the shoot nonetheless a fitting tribute to the marque.
We are including original cars/recreations/replicas/new GTs, also nearly-finished projects that could be trailered.
We will be using still photography, time lapse & drone photo & video to create some worthy publicity for the Club & the car running up to the LMC 2016.
The Le Mans Classic organisers 2016 (Peter Auto) are very interested to use pics for their promotions so could be great publicity for our cars.

Date 20th September 12.00 Lunch onwards.
Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground

After the shoot we will find a local eatery that can accommodate us.

Best regards,

Paul Walton.


Hi Malcolm, its open to anyone with one in the UK that can get there on the day. Getting 50 cars is quite ambitious but, if you don't ask....etc


It's a great project Paul - hope you get your 50, it's going to be a bit of a task.

Why do I think it will be like herding cats? :laugh:

(Photoshop will be your friend..)
Hi Paul,
Good to chat with you at Silverstone over the weekend. Shame about the crap weather on Friday & Sunday. I now have a family of goldfish and a dolphin living in the car.
20th September is on the calendar in BIG letters ...... here's to getting 50 cars. It's a tall order but the momentum has begun.
So come on chaps ..... you really need to be there :thumbsup:
Steve. (Red MK 1)
I've got 30 cars on the list having emailed club members - please post here or PM if you want to take part and haven't yet registered an interest.
If someone can lend a 302 driveline I am able to join :drunk:
September deadline is panic mode for my restoration project :juggle2::juggle2::
But gonna try for sure to come over to the UK, historical moment to see 50 gt40's recorded in the shape of 50.
I wish I could be there, but unfortunately unable to make it.

An idea: if you have enough cars there, make more shapes, like a 40 or club logo, etc

Brian Magee

So how are numbers looking now Paul? Do the prospects of getting 50 cars for the shoot look achievable? I am sure there are still a few owners who haven't heard or haven't registered yet.
We are at 37 cars so far, quite a few people I know will probably go if the weather is nice but not on the list yet.
Paul Brameld and I visited Bruntingthorpe yesterday to iron out a few details.
Met with the owner of the airfield (Mr Walton) who will hopefully have his new GT to the shoot.
I’ll attach a pic of the spot we are going to use at the end of the 2 mile runway.
We have access to some of the aircraft on site, if we want them in the shots - we thought a lightning in the background might be pretty cool.
We also noticed that the runway concrete has casting lines on it that should assist us in getting the cars lined up.

I’ll post a pic of the best routes to get there that have been recommended by the airfield.
Just from a noise perspective we have been asked to go as quietly as possible - it being Sunday lunchtime an all that.
Once you are inside the main gates head around to the right towards the runway and you’ll hopefully see a few other cars in the holding area.
I’m told the nearest loo’s to the runway are by the big hangar opposite the main entrance, so it might be worth stopping there first.

There aren’t any provisions for tea/coffee whilst we are there, so might be worth bringing something along as there will be a fair bit of hanging about.
Afterwards we intend to head over to the “Mill on the Sour” about 15 mins away, for a bite and a drink before heading home - plenty of parking.

Mill On The Soar | Hungry Horse


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If not already noted please can you add my name to the list, thanks. Only caveat is that I am due to have the car with Mick Sollis for a short period so hopefully the two won't clash. Will be coming via trailer.

Malcolm MacAdam