50oz flywheel needed for 1998 302, Renault 369 transaxle


I bought another members 369 transaxle then they took out of a mid 80's GTD. The issue is that it appears to be a 28oz externally balanced flywheel and I need a 50oz for the late model engine. Can anyone tell me where I can locate a 50oz flywheel that is the 11 5/8" diameter so I do not have to reinvent the flywheel so to say. Thanks for your help. If anyone needs a Renault center cable shift set up give me a shout as I will be using a RHD rod shift from Southern GT.


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Just a thought -
Many performance automotive machine shops have the ability to machine the counterweight value into the flywheel. You may want to check that avenue out.


- I was not going to rebuild the short block which is why I am looking for a bolt on solution. I spoke to my machinist who said he would have to balance the assembly with the flywheel add weight ect which would cost me more than a flywheel would probably cost which is also why I was looking for a bolt on solution. I counted my ring gear it is 120 tooth. Is that any help?



Uggh, now I just found GTD threads on flywheels and what they used which was an v6 Essex unit which explains the multiple crank holes drilled. So now the question is what flywheel should I use and now do I need to buy another adaptor from the engine to the Renault 369 box. Any advice/experience is appreciated...


Looks like I will get a new zero balanced billet flywheel from Southern GT have my machinist add a 50oz weight and pare that with a RAC407 starter.

Mike Pass

The GTD flywheels were modified Ford Essex flywheels. They were used because they will fit into the Renault 369/UN1 bellhousing so they just have an aluminium adaptor plate to join them up. This saved the expense and effort of making a new bellhousing for a standard Mustang flywheel. They have a 121 tooth ring gear. The SGT steel flywheels are the same size as GTD and 121 tooth ring gear.
However on the subject of SBF ford balance the earlier engines had a 28 oz balance and the later ones a 50 oz balance. This is because the engine internals are out of balance and the engine as a whole is balanced out by using out of balance weights which are equal and opposite to the internal out of balance. This is done by having out of balance flywheel and crank damper. The flywheel and crank damper must suit the engine internals.
What the 28 oz and 50 oz balance actually means is 28 ounce inches and 50 oz inches. So a mass of 28 ounces at one inch from the centre is 28 oz inches. Or 10 ounces at 2.8 inches is 28 ounce inches of out of balance. The further the weight is from the centre the greater the effect and so the smaller the weight needed. However.......I believe that the so called 50 oz inch balance is actually 34 oz inch as Ford thought they sounded too close together and people would think there was hardly any difference.
As your engine is nominally a 50oz in balance a suitable weight will be needed to achieve a 50 oz in balance. I tried a while back to get a 28oz in balance on a neutral balance steel flywheel by removing metal and whilst it was possible it was just a mass of holes so removing metal alone would be tough one to get a 50 oz in balance. So adding a weight would probably work best. Getting the correct weight and position will be tricky. I had the flywheel I did match balanced with a known 28 oz flywheel. You would need to borrow a known good 50 oz flywheel to get a match balance done.
Of course the way to do the job properly is to get the full rotating assembly balanced as a whole.
The other way to solve your problem is to get the bellhousing from Tornado which will take the full size Mustang flywheel and get a 50 oz balance flywheel from them or Real Steel etc.
Note that the indexing of the flywheel is by one of the mounting holes being slightly out of position so the flywheel will only go on one way. Use ARP flywheel bolts with thread sealer.
Also consider which clutch and release setup you are going to need with either option.


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have you checked with Kennedy Eng in Ca. U.S.A. ?
They turned my 50 oz into a zero balance flywheel. It was their KEP 2900 flywheel for a small block Ford to a G50 transaxles.