50th Anniversary roundels

Hi all, I have been able to get some stickers designed on the 50th Anniversary theme, These will be low tack external stickers so that they can be stuck to car bodywork and will be in 100mm and 300mm diameter roundel size. I plan to have some made and bring them along to the LMC in July, If you would like to purchase one or more please let me know on [email protected] the cost will be £3.00 for the 100mm and £6.00 for the 300mm roundel. Unfortunately I cannot get the image to load, but it is a Mk11 in the 66 winning colours with the GT40 steering wheel centre boss red, white and blue background with a gold banner above stating "50 years 1966-2016". If anyone wants to see the image let me know and I will send an email with the picture attached. The image I have used must be of someone's car (its not the original I am sure, so if it's yours I beg your approval to use it).
Chris Headon

Brian Stewart
Very nice Chris. Put one aside for me please and I will buy it at the Classic.
Just to let people know that these are now printed and will be at the LMC. The vinyl is removable and the inks are UV resistant. The roundels are also laminated to protect them. I will have the spec sheets of the material and glue for anyone who buys them.
See you at the LMC and safe driving.

Brian Stewart
Hi Chris,

Called past the marquee several times in search of you, but to no avail. Not to worry - another club member gave me his roundel and said he would get a replacement off you.

Sorry to have missed you.


Not been on the forum for quite a while, new job and house renovations seem to have taken up most of my time. I still have plenty of these roundels 300mm and 100mm available if anyone wants some they are on ebay but contact me direct and get them cheaper £3 for 100mm, £6 for 300mm
I have already shipped some to both America and Northern Europe (Scandinavian area) so geographical regions are not a problem.