FS USA 60 Books--Sold.

Books have been purchased over the span of 20+ years. Original owner. Some are well used, others are like new. Some very informative, some valuable. If your interests are racing, building, tinkering, this collection is for you. This is your guide to spending money, lots and lots of money. This collection is invaluable when put together for the information it offers and time and money saved. Located in Kansas City, KS USA. Price is $1000. Approx 75# shipping from 66049.

Chevy LS1/LS6 Performance by Christopher P. Endres
Mustang Recognition Guide 1965-1973 by Larry Dobbs
Fast Mustangs by Alex Gabbard
Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems by Candela
Winning A Race Driver's Handbook by George A. Anderson
Inside Racing Technology by Paul Haney
The Racing Engine Builders Handbook by Tom Monroe
Racing the Small Block Chevy by John Thawley
Chevy Small Block Cylinder Heads by Graham Hansen
High-Performance Automotive Fuels a & Fluids by Jeff Hartman
Racer's Encyclopedia of Metals, Fibers & Materials by Forbes Aird
Chevrolet Power The Official Factory Performance Guide
Competition Car Suspension Design, Construction, Tuning by Allan Staniforth
Great Racing Cars of the World Hans G. Isenberg
Ford Windsor Small Block Performance by Isaac Martin
How to Build Max Performance Ford V-8's On a Budget by George Reid
Brake Handbook by Fred Puhn
How to Build & Modify Chevrolet Small-Block V-8 Camshafts & Valvetrains by David Vizard
Automotive Electrical Performance Projects by Tony Candela
Smokey Yunick's Track Tech Compiled by R M Clarke
High Performance Ford Engine Parts Interchange by George Reid
Ford Performance by Pat Ganahl
Race Car Engineering & Mechanics by Paul Van Valkenburgh
How to Build Horsepower Vol 1 by David Vizard
How to Build a Harley-Davidson Torque Monster by Bill Rook
Fiberglass & Carbon Fiber Parts by Daniel Burrill
Official Factory Guide to Building Ford Short-Track Power by Ford Racing Engineers with Richard Holdener
How to Build High-Performance Ignition Systems by Todd Ryden
Engine Management Advanced Tuning by Greg Banish
Building & Tuning High-Performance Electronic Fuel Injection by Ben Strader
How to Rebuild Your Small-Block Chevy by David Vizard
Smokey Yunick's Power Secrets by Smokey Yunick with Larry Schreib
How to Tun and Win with Demon Carburetion by Ray T. Bohacz
Super Tuning and Modifying Holley Carburetors by Dave Emanuel
How to Super Tune and Modify Holley Carburetors by David Vizard
How to Build Horsepower Vol 2 by David Vizard
Going Faster Mastering the Art of Race Driving by Robert Bentley
Supercharged! Design, Testing and Installation of Supercharger Systems by Corky Bell
Maximum Boost Designing, Testing and Installing Turbocharger Systems
How to Build Chevy Small-Block Circle-track Racing Engines by Jeff Huneycutt
How to Tune & Modify Engine Management Systems by Jeff Hartman
Pro Engine Blueprinting by Ben Watson
Ayrton Senna's Principles of Race Driving by Ayrton Senna
OBD II Diagnostic Secrets Revealed by Peter David
How to Build High-Performance Chevy LS1/LS6 V-8s by Will Handzel
Drive to Win by Carroll Smith
Engineer to Win by Carroll Smith
Prepare to Win by Carroll Smith
Tune to Win by Carroll Smith
How to Build Max Performance Chevy Small Blocks On a Budget by David Vizard
How to Build & Modify Chevrolet Small-Block V-8 Pistons, Rods & Crankshafts by David Vizard
Race Car Chassis Design and Construction by Forbes Aird
Paved Track Stock Car Technology by Steve Smith
Performance Handling How to Make Your Car Handle by Don Alexander
Chassis Engineering by Herb Adams
The Anatomy & Development of the Stock Car by Dr. John Craft
Stock Car Setup Secrets by Bob Bolles
Ford Mustang by Mike Mueller
Mustang Buyer's Guide by Peter S. Sessler
Sports Car and Competition Driving by Paul Frere


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