7.3 Godzilla in an RCR Gt40 MKII?

Hey all, this is my first post here on gt40s.com and I am looking to have an RCR Gt40 MKII built for me with a 7.3 Godzilla. My reasoning for wanting the Godzilla over a Windsor block 427 is that I want a more modern engine with better reliability than a Windsor with modern 8 stack fuel injection and a dry sump oiling system. I also want something other than a coyote. I plan on doing a lot of heavy track days with this car and also potentially racing it. An engine like this was what I had in mind with maybe less power for reliability: https://www.willisengines.com/dyno-results-ndash-stage-3-ultra-street.html . Does the Godzilla sound like a good choice or does it just sound good on paper?

Larry L.

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"Does the Godzilla sound like a good choice or does it just sound good on paper?"

If you haven't done so already, 'might wanna break out a ruler and put it to good use before you fill out the order form for a Godzilla. ;-) There's not much wiggle room in a MKII's engine compartment (even less in a MKI)!
Just sayin'...

Rob Klein

I would do a all aluminum 351 race motor. You should be able to het 650hp and that will be plenty. I have a all aluminum 351 punched to a 427 and even with 15” rears putting the power down has to be thoughtful

Randy V

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Sounds like an exciting project.
I’ve only built 1 car with over a thousand HP and even though the car with me in it weighed 3,000#, It was a beast and without racing slicks there was no way to put even half of the power to the ground. Yes it was cool - but simply over the top and could be a real handful to control.
The 7.3 is a great motor and a real stump puller, but I think I’d look to something that produces a more street friendly torque curve rather than 500+ LB FT just over idle speed…

edit - The street tires were DOT Drag Tires that had a section width of 18”..
Thanks for everyone's input. I do still think the Godzilla will work and with the dimensions of 28.74x27x29 inches it should fit just fine if not a little snug. In terms of horsepower I think shooting around 600-700 would be more than enough for the car because recently I did the GT40 Lemans one day experience with David Zubick of Racing Adventures and found that the 550 horsepower engine could really make that car fly! Also I do just really like the idea of putting a Godzilla in the car because back when ford was using the 427 it was originally out of the Galaxie and I would like to apply that same principle with fords more modern engine from the super duty series.