917 rear latches

Hi all, am after a couple of pairs of rear latches, am aware they are old ski latches made by Geze, is there anything that looks close or any repro type replacements. I guess RCR produce something??
Open to any ideas?
cheers Chris
Dear Chris

i do have a set which look very similar

send me your email and i will take pics and forward them to you

Also can source the original Hella rear lights for you

Yes the link works on my Iphone, but not on my laptop, page comes up saying Geocities page no longer available!!! Even sending th elink to my laptop does not work! Ho Hum!!!
Thanks James, they look exactly what I`m after, a tad on the pricey side mind......!!!! will get some ordered!
cheers Chris
The ones posted by Jimmy are great and reasonably priced!

You can also try to contact Kevin Jeanette from Gunnar Racing, and persuade him to make you a set (he is able to).

You can also try to drop a mail to those guys:
Crubilé Sport
they are also able to produce them.

Both aren't cheap, but you have the (almost) real deal!

PS: You guys would you have hints or tips about 906 parts?